Student diary: Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft
Master in Management / 4. September 2019
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Master in Management Class of 2020
Friedrich is a Master in Management student working part-time and involved in the Frankfurt School’s ambassador programme.


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I am a full-time Master in Management student at Frankfurt School – and I am working in the corporate development department of a bank in Frankfurt. What would’ve hardly been imaginable during my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Cologne, is possible here at FS. The Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Deutschland) AG is part of the Helaba group and provides private banking for the German market. With around 100 employees the company has it’s headquarter in Frankfurt and I am grateful to be part of it by working with a fixed part-time contract (70%)

The 3-day model

However, this is only possible due to two reasons. First, FS is located in Frankfurt, providing a wide range of opportunities to apply for jobs in basically any sort of industry. The city is a major German business hub and offers many job opportunities for natives as well as non-German speaking students. Contrary to its reputation, Frankfurt is not only about banking. Second, FS offers the 3-day-model. Lectures take place on two weekdays (Thursday and Friday) and the Saturday of every week – this leaves the remaining three weekdays and the entire semester breaks at your disposal. You will find that most of the students take advantage of the 3-day-model and therefore build the foundations of their professional career.

Perks of working alongside your studies

When applying for their first jobs, many of my fellow students are facing companies looking for graduates with some work experience – seems contradictory, right? Well, if you are working alongside your studies it is not. By the time you graduate, you will have a Master degree and 1-2 years of work experience. Not to mention that you will have a fixed income. Furthermore, you can start building up a professional network, which comes in handy – not only when you graduate.


When it comes to work-life-balance I have to admit that I obviously have less free time compared to if I was not working at the same time. However, one thing that you will be taught at FS is to manage your time efficiently – a very useful tool to learn for your professional life. The FS gives plenty of opportunities for students to meet and many of these events take place in the evening so that you are able to attend even if you are working on that day. To come to a conclusion, I would definitely recommend anyone to make use of the offer and to take on the challenge of working besides their studies.

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