Studium - Masters


Mein Weg zu einem professionelleren Erfahrungsschatz
1. Juni 2021
Matthias Schmidt
How Frankfurt School shaped my professional career
4. August 2021
Al-Muthanna Khudhur
How I combined part-time working and studying for my Master's degree
12. Juli 2021
Friedrich Von Papen
From a Frankfurt School student to a Corporate Development Director
22. April 2021
Marc Sanabras Garrido
Came for a Master’s – staying for my career
28. Mai 2021
Ylliesse Gueham
Cooperation Company Project – dive into the future
11. Mai 2021
Friederike Falk
Why I Chose the Master in Management
8. Februar 2021
Stefan Höflich
My reasons for applying to the WAM Graduate Program at Berenberg
4. Mai 2021
Isabell Anna Silverio
Insights from a Product Specialist Equities at Berenberg
3. Mai 2021
Selin Ceylan
Starting a Master's during COVID: What can you expect?
27. Januar 2021
Paul Leibrock
3 day model – combining theory and practice smoothly
3. Mai 2021
Wiebke Riegelmann
Getting future-ready with my Master in Data Analytics & Management
3. Mai 2021
Rudolf Kurz
Women in Private Equity: Industry Insights
26. Oktober 2020
Katharina Porenta
From Frankfurt School to CEO, in the blink of an eye
26. April 2021
Eliomaria Narducci
Why you should treat your admissions interview as a mock job interview
23. April 2021
Yulia Botsman