Studying & working in Frankfurt: the 2-year journey of a Dutch student
Master in Management / 8. Oktober 2020
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Master in Management Class of 2020
Foeke has a Masters in Management from Frankfurt School and obtained his bachelor’s degree in European Studies in the Netherlands. He personalised his masters by taking elective specialist modules in digital business and marketing and works for the world’s leading IT research and advisory firm as an Account Manager.


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The Dutch like to travel and I am no exception. After completing my bachelor in European Studies, I had the opportunity to work for a year in a French company in Lyon before moving to Frankfurt. I wanted to study in another county, learn the local language and further develop my intercultural competences and at the same time build a strong professional network for my future career. Frankfurt has enabled me to do so and equipped me with experiences that helped to set me up for success.

Why Germany? Why Frankfurt?

Germany is one of Europe’s leading economies and has a significant influence on European policymaking on a political and financial level. With a background in European Studies and an interest in languages, Germany was a logical next step for me. One of my primary aims was to improve my business acumen during my master’s studies and Frankfurt School’s Master in Management provided the best choice for me as I could tailor the program to my needs. In addition, Frankfurt offers a lot of relevant student work positions that help its students build their professional networks. The city is well-known as the financial heart of Germany, but also offers opportunities for students aiming to start their careers in a range of industries, e.g. consulting or the technology industry.  Frankfurt is a great city of contradictions with big city work and industry whilst still being of a manageable and friendly size with interesting cultural and social experiences.

Combine your studies with valuable work experience

Frankfurt School’s Master in Management gives its students the opportunity to work in addition to their studies. I was able to put the theory discussed during my elective specialist modules in digital business and marketing into practice at Cisco – a worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions.  It gave me the opportunity to work at a market leading company whilst also practicing my German language skills, which helped me pass an advanced German language examination, and become more familiar with German business culture. Combining studies with a part-time job can be challenging and requires good time management skills but at the same time helps students build the foundations for their professional careers.

Living in Frankfurt as a student

Frankfurt is a compact city located in the heart of Europe. It is easy to walk everywhere in the city centre and enjoy summer drinks with friends along the river Main. In addition, I was able to actively engage in sports activities and a number of the cultural events that the city has to offer. A trip to the Rheingau region, just one hour away from Frankfurt and famous for its wines, should also be part of any travel list.  Finally, its excellent connections with cities such as Paris, London, Amsterdam and Berlin give one the opportunity to join student networking events and summits across Europe. I did so as a former head of marketing as part of the Frankfurt School Business Game student initiative by participating in a summit organized by the Alliance of European Business Games in Brussels.

Studying and working in Frankfurt is an excellent choice for students who would like to acquire in- demand skills and at the same time gain valuable international work experience in Germany. The combination of pursuing a fulltime master’s degree and at the same time having a part-time job might sound demanding, but students will manage this challenge. Their time management skills will significantly improve, they will experience a steep learning curve and their efforts will pay-off.  Frankfurt school’s innovative and practical study programmes and a two years’ work experience in Frankfurt will help them succeed in their professional career.

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