Working and Studying as an International Student
Master in Management / 5. März 2021
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Master in Management Class of 2021
Raunak is a current international student pursuing a Master in Management. He chose to do his thesis in the field of Marketing and Digital Analytics in partnership with a German company.


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The Journey of a Macedonian Frankfurt School Alumna

I chose Frankfurt School for my Master’s in Management because it is known very well for its ranking, high-quality education and for providing interesting career opportunities to its graduates. The professors are excellent and teach everything so that theory is put into practice. Many professors introduced us to knowledgeable corporates to work on interesting projects and helped us build connections for our internships or thesis opportunities. I chose Business Analytics concentration and had no programming background. I was taught amazingly well and given enough confidence to excel in the Analytics courses. Due to this high-quality education I got an opportunity from a firm in Hamburg to conduct my Master thesis jointly with them.

Being an International student and a working student.

Due to the name, high-quality and employability of graduates, I was able to get a working student position within 2 months of my arrival in Germany as Sales and Marketing Associate at Equinix Germany GmbH. My German was not very good back then but due to my knowledge and my employers belief in FS education, I was hired.

The 3-day model has helped me earn enough wage to reduce my overall study and living expenses to a good extent. It also made me more confident, more exposed to German corporate culture, gain experience and learn the language by being among the office people. This makes me more productive and gives me more experience to be job-ready upon graduation.

Thesis and Future Plans

I am doing my thesis in the field of Marketing and Digital Analytics in partnership with a German firm. The thesis topic revolves around the analysis of current sales and current markets amongst a dataset of several similar sized firms around the world where I must develop statistics and data-driven decisions to optimise business processes and create new strategies to increase revenue. Many factors which influence business practices are being analysed and conclusions are given to restructure business operations. The thesis is backed by strong literature sources and I hope that my work can be published in the form of an article to be used as a reference to help companies use analytic-based decisions and develop business strategies.

My future objectives are to pursue my career in management or consulting roles and later start my own company. I want to make the best use of my work experience and knowledge gained in my master studies to make valuable contribution to any firm that I am associated with in future. I am indeed very thankful to Frankfurt School for the opportunities and courses that the school offers.

What about Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is a very international city and being part of FS gave me so many opportunities to interact with many nationalities. I learnt so much and it helped me improve my skills, be it time management, conversation or language skills. The city has many corporates and this gives us the opportunity to work as an intern or working student, which would not be so easy in some other city.

Overall FS has been one of the best investments of my life. I improved in so many ways and I am becoming more and more confident that an FS graduate is skilled enough to have great opportunities not only in Germany but all over the world.

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