Working student diary: Bain & Company
Master of Finance / 18. April 2019
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Master of Finance Class of 2020
Henning Jerusalem is a Master of Finance student class of 2020.


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„I have learned one thing, I will never stop learning“, is one of the first things I see after I enter the Bain Office in Frankfurt – I am here to interview for a working student position. Shortly after I meet Lukas – my interviewer today. We sit down in one of the conference rooms and the interview begins. During the following hour I am challenged with cases and questions, which test my analytical and MS-Office skillset. A couple of hours later I am back on the FS Campus and my phone rings, “Hey Henning, it’s Lukas from Bain” – a few moments later I am officially a Bainie!

Why Bain?

I, like many other FS students, decided to work part time while studying the Master of Finance, because it provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insights into the working world. In addition, part time positions can open doors for future career opportunities. Having a general business background with an interest in corporate finance I was looking at a wide field of options ranging from strategy consulting to financial advisory to private equity. In the end Bain’s large exposure to corporate finance related projects, especially their Private Equity Group practice, in combination with their unique company culture reputation made me apply.

Being a Bainie

So what does a typical working student day look like?

The day begins at 8:30am to get set up for the day and to have a little chat with fellow working students and colleagues. At 9am I receive the names of colleagues who I support that day. The tasks are as diverse as the industries one can be assigned to. Tasks include market research and big data analysis and sometimes need to be carried out outside the office. Industries range from Automotive to Banking to Telecommunication. Within one day you can work for several teams and/or colleagues of all levels spread across Europe – no day is the same. A typical day ends at 6pm, so enough time to spend the rest of the evening with friends in “Mainhatten” or on campus.

I have learned one thing, I will never stop learning

Now after almost 6 months at Bain I don’t regret accepting a working student position at the same time as studying. Especially, because Frankfurt Schools’ 3-day model provides an excellent opportunity to take on challenges on and off campus and encourages combining theoretical teachings with practical application. I highly recommend anyone to take on this opportunity, since it broadens your horizon and prepares you for the challenges of the working world.

To put it in a nutshell, life as a working student at Bain is truly a valuable experience because it combines theory with practice and offers development possibilities in an international and challenging environment. Thanks to Bain and Frankfurt School, I can truly agree that „I have learned one thing, I will never stop learning“.