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March 24, 2017
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We are FastBill, a rapid-growing FinTech-Startup from Frankfurt. Our vision is nothing less than the complete automation of accounting for freelancers and SMB. Our second pillar is subscription management for SaaS.

To date, we simplify the life of over 40.000 entrepreneurs with our two softwares FastBill (billing for freelancer and SMB) and Monsum (subscription management for SaaS). If you are interested in a technology-focussed, fast-paced workplace where you can take responsibility from day one, this might be a match. We are looking for tech-savvy, smart-working people with a high interest in financial topics.

What we do at FastBill

Nowadays, an entrepreneur deals with a lot of different tasks. One big issue is billing and accounting. They have to spend a massive amount of time on it without getting any monetary output. It’s important but it’s a money drain. This is where FastBill comes in.

We automate, simplify and quicken the life of entrepreneurs to make sure their focus can stay on their business. We do this with our outstanding software.

Our software is capable of all the basic tasks an entrepreneur has to complete every day, like creating invoices, tracking expenses, dealing with clients and so on. Beyond that we offer a wide range of interfaces and technologies that provide extra features or extend the basic features.

One of our last big releases is our banking feature. It’s like online banking but inside our accounting software. This makes it easy to keep an eye on transactions and to match transactions and documents. In the future, we will automate this.


Another big feature which lately aired is our smart receipt importer. We formed a partnership with GetMyInvoices and our customers can now get their receipts from over 500 online services directly imported into FastBill. They don’t have to waste time searching and downloading it anymore.

Some more features are presented in this video (it’s in German).

These are just a few examples of many. Interested in more? Contact us!

Do you want to know what it’s like to work for FastBill?


Founded in 2011, we left the real startup stage to some extent. Nonetheless we preserved the spirit of starting up. We already established processes that run our company but every employee still has a scope of development in conjunction with responsibility and commitment.

Located in the heart of the European and German economy, Frankfurt, you will be able to make great contacts in the startup scene and the financial sector. We have a wide international range of partnerships.

But instead of writing about our perks, like the x-box in our “living room” or the fresh fruits, we’ll let our employees talk about their views instead. Because a good job is more than perks and salary. It’s about personal development, creating thing that matter and great people. We’ve gathered some statements from our co-workers about working for FastBill:

It is very important to have nice and positive people around you at work. We are all open minded and hear your voice and what you have to say. You can grow and learn many things. You really feel that you are part of a team where your work matters and you can improve the life of others.
– Pera Jovic, Developer

Working for FastBill means to support each individual’s strengths. Our team is like a colourful puzzle, well organised in a super powerful design.
– Benjamin Häfner, Sales Manager Monsum

I really like working at FastBill because we always have each other’s back. Even when some days are more stressful than others, we always manage to keep our psyche high to work together and find a solution for every obstacle. At FastBill, you are more than a personnel number; this is the place where you can make your skills, ideas and actions count. It’s quite cool to see a company develop. Being part of this process makes me proud.
– Charlotte Knöll, Customer Success FastBill

Work at FastBill never gets boring. It always remains dynamic because we deal with different types of requirements every day! Our top priorities on a daily basis target high quality rather than deadlines.
– Rodrigo Rosenblüth, Developer

Everyday I come to work and I know it will be a challenge. But at the end of the day you did it and you improved yourself. There is no day without learning something new and being surprised about the possibilities.
– Patrice Allegue, Team Lead Monsum

Interested in working for FastBill or our software in general? Contact us!

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