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18 December, 2020
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Köhler
AI for Business: In good times and in bad
6 April, 2020
Michelle Neumann
The Need for Domain Knowledge in Data Science Programs
7 February, 2020
Peter Roßbach
Technology that saves lives? AI in the fight against coronavirus
16 March, 2020
Michelle Neumann
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16 August, 2019
Zakariya Abu-Grin
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15 July, 2019
Matthias Ilg
Nowcasting Inflation: Machine Learning to resolve the classification challenge?
19 September, 2019
Lukas Henkel
Deep Learning: becoming a data scientist and fulfilling your creative potential
27 June, 2019
Prof. Dr. Florian Ellsäßer
Gamification in the Master in Applied Data Science
29 March, 2019
Nupur Kulkarni
The most sought after profession: Data Scientist
10 July, 2019
Prof. Dr. Florian Ellsäßer
From Biology to Applied Data Science
29 January, 2019
Theresa Pareno
When Machines Talk: Machine Learning and Analytics permeate into the finance market
9 April, 2018
Prateek Shukla
MSc in Applied data science at Frankfurt School
29 March, 2018
Prof. Dr. Nils Stieglitz
Machine Learning, Modern Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence – What’s new?
12 October, 2017
Peter Roßbach