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Combining Data-Driven Strategy, Execution and Management
29 September 2022
Denis Loechel
5 Reasons for pursuing a part-time master's despite a busy work schedule
12 August 2022
Christiane Zhao
My double life as a student and intern at Goldman Sachs
4 August 2022
Ana Ximena Malo Reynaga
Gaining insights into M&A with EY Parthenon
6 June 2022
Anna Zens
Transforming Mergers and Acquisitions through Artificial Intelligence
3 August 2022
Niklas Linder
Connecting Theory to Reality – My experience at HEC Business Game
2 August 2022
Tushar Madan
How I successfully transited to a new industry during my master's
24 March 2022
Christiane Zhao
My Part-time Master of Finance Journey
13 July 2022
Sina Heubrock
Der Master of Mergers & Acquisitions: Mehr Bezug zur Praxis geht nicht!
22 June 2022
Lennart Krukenberg
Our semester opening with the European Central Bank
16 February 2022
Trang Minh Truong
Living la dolce vita – my semester abroad in Rome
21 June 2022
Alicia Fuchs Mateo
Master of Financial Law: Studium mit starkem Praxisbezug
25 May 2022
Michelle Rauch
My first hands-on business case study with Procter & Gamble
18 January 2022
Bianca Westwood
How my experience in Journalism and Social Sciences translates into Management
2 May 2022
Maximilian Roesgen
Why I decided to pursue my passion for Data Science
25 April 2022
Shivam Agrawal