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Studying and living in Frankfurt: An international student's experience
9 February 2024
Sachin Baid
How to navigate life in Frankfurt as a master's student: Tips and tricks
19 February 2024
Lusine Afrikyan
Balancing work and study as a Master in Applied Data Science student
14 February 2024
Christian Nikolov
Learning by doing: How FS and PwC prepare me for my future in digital business
2 February 2024
Tatjana Maksimovic
IT & Digitalisierung im Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring
31 January 2024
Linus Kühl
Beyond adaptation: Addressing loss and damage in the face of climate change
22 January 2024
Khayala Sadikhova
My journey in capital markets, risk auditing and class leadership
18 December 2023
Luc Fleischmann
Reflections from my experience at the Sant'Anna Business Game 2023
19 January 2024
Sachin Baid
Navigating success: Strategies for transformative career growth
10 January 2024
Christiane Zhao
Mastering work-study balance in the Master in Management programme
16 October 2023
Isabell Marie Obst
Why a Master's in Financial Management at Frankfurt School?
23 November 2023
Lianna Mirzoyan
Master alum success story: Daimler Truck IT transformation case study
9 November 2023
Niklas Kuchinke
Combining corporate finance studies and work experience: a winning strategy
14 April 2023
Michelle Sander
Der Krisenverlauf – Ein zentrales Leitmotiv im MCPR
10 October 2023
Alexander Malessa
Mastering the art of online studies: a guide to success
10 August 2023
Andrea Beiter