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A 4-month CFA research journey with Lufthansa
31 May 2024
Gaoqiang Xiao
Navigating Regulations: Work & Study in Germany as an international student
3 July 2024
Kartikey Malik
Climate Change and Financial Inclusion
26 June 2024
Ricardo A. Estrada Villalta
Switching gears: Transitioning from Engineering to Management
15 April 2024
Rahul Jain
Navigating New Horizons after the MSc Finance at Frankfurt School
22 May 2024
Xinyao Li
Cooperation Company Project: A Journey Through Retail Location Analysis
24 April 2024
Rhushikesh Bhosale
Tips for online interview success
8 March 2024
Ella Fox
Ökonomische und juristische Expertise für den Finanz- und Kapitalmarkt
15 March 2024
Franz Schlothofer
How to write a captivating motivational essay
1 March 2024
Ella Fox
Studying and living in Frankfurt: An international student's experience
9 February 2024
Sachin Baid
Insights into my journey with the Master in Financial Management programme
28 February 2024
Guina Shkembi
How to navigate life in Frankfurt as a master's student: Tips and tricks
19 February 2024
Lusine Afrikyan
Learning by doing: How FS and PwC prepare me for my future in digital business
2 February 2024
Tatjana Maksimovic
Balancing work and study as a Master in Applied Data Science student
14 February 2024
Christian Nikolov
IT & Digitalisierung im Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring
31 January 2024
Linus Kühl