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Combining corporate finance studies and work experience: a winning strategy
14 April 2023
Michelle Sander
Mastering the Art of Online Studies: A Guide to Success
10 August 2023
Andrea Beiter
Three tips to make the most out of your time at Frankfurt School
24 July 2023
Maximilian Roesgen
A glimpse into my unforgettable journey at the 16th Solvay Business Game
6 April 2023
Sachin Baid
Exploring corporate finance and embracing the Three-day Model at FS
20 July 2023
Manvi Chitkara
3. Jahreskonferenz Performance Management und Controlling: Ein Erfahrungsbericht
19 July 2023
Linus Kühl
How blockchain took me back to Frankfurt School
10 January 2023
Eduard Grigorjan
Rethinking the Benefits of International Executive Education in the Digital Era
18 July 2023
Andrea Beiter
Choosing the right path: My reasons to enrol at Frankfurt School
4 July 2023
Tim Ollig
The first ever Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets Block Week
25 November 2022
Hagai Leal
Empowering Women: Bridging the gap through further education
26 June 2023
Andrea Beiter
My path to the sixth year at Frankfurt School
6 June 2023
Florian Schindler
Combining Data-Driven Strategy, Execution and Management
29 September 2022
Denis Loechel
Competing Globally: FS students’ journey & success at the HEC Business Game 2023
15 May 2023
Florian Schlösser
My journey from a business school graduate to a published author
12 May 2023
Christiane Zhao