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My first hands-on business case study with Procter & Gamble
18 January 2022
Bianca Westwood
AI Pontryagin or how neural networks learn to control complex systems
19 January 2022
Lucas Böttcher
My FS MiM journey – looking back 1.5 years
12 January 2022
Chirag Thakkar
From Frankfurt School via BCG to my own business
1 December 2021
Klaus Henneberg
Master in Auditing: Meine Erfahrungen als duale Studentin
11 January 2022
Michelle Schröder
How I changed my plans, but not the goal
24 November 2021
Soamya Singh
Being part of a community starting from day one
6 October 2021
Ruben Louis Thiemann
Sind finanzerfahrene CEOs die besseren Krisenmanager?
22 November 2021
Sebastian Urthaler
How my start-up idea won the Solve for Tomorrow Challenge
4 November 2021
Katharina Porenta
Internship at Visa – dipping my toes in the water of digital payments
4 October 2021
Mona Jasmin Baumann
Moving from a small country to the financial centre of Europe for my master's
3 November 2021
Hayk Darbinyan
How Frankfurt School is helping me achieve my goals
14 October 2021
Irem Doruk
SPACs: turbocharging IPOs
21 September 2021
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast
My first impressions of Frankfurt School
12 October 2021
Marius Heinrich
My transition from engineering to management
8 October 2021
Jonas Daum