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Student Initiatives

5 Tips for starting your studies right at Frankfurt School
8 August 2022
Alisia Gahabka
How to build an authentic network in a post-pandemic era – Viva la Vida at FS
23 November 2022
Francesca Paganelli
FS Fashion Business: Getting a glimpse into the fashion industry
23 August 2022
Niharinth Selva
Breaking the bias: Women in Business and Tech at FS
8 July 2022
Zeena Jaber
Connecting Theory to Reality – My experience at HEC Business Game
2 August 2022
Tushar Madan
Combining a competition and fun: our case challenge in Rotterdam
29 June 2022
Alisia Gahabka
FS Women in Business – a platform to connect, network, learn, and grow
18 November 2021
Mona Jasmin Baumann
Aus der Corona-Krise in eine neue Dimension der Luftfahrt
3 December 2021
Lisa Allgaier
Impact Investing meets Real Estate – NEXT Generation Invest GmbH speaking at FS
22 October 2021
Cara Reuner
Stop hiding who you are and express your true colours
26 May 2021
Mona Jasmin Baumann
Fight for the right to love
9 July 2021
Bronwyn Hoskins-Davies
Eine Liebeserklärung an die Demokratie mit Dr. Peter Tauber
4 May 2021
Leona Arold
FS life in hybrid mode – challenges and solutions for the StuCo team
28 April 2021
Giulia Kipp
Frankfurt School – Countless Opportunities to Connect with the Job Market
5 February 2021
Claudia Vandamme
Being an exchange student at FS: My visit to Mainhattan
15 December 2020
Cédric Alston