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Student Initiatives

Hands-on Startup Summer Workshop at FS
12 August, 2020
Aika Bolat
International MBA Marathon Training
16 July, 2020
Katja Alexandra Becker
IAA: Goodbye Frankfurt
16 March, 2020
Lennart Becker
What is a Business Game?
20 December, 2019
Won Joon Choi
FS Invest goes London 2.0: The London Banking Trip 2019
26 February, 2020
Lukas Wadle
FS Ventures exploring the VC-World in Berlin
26 February, 2020
Julian Schmidt
Combining full-time work and a part-time MBA
12 July, 2019
Marcella Taylor
FS-Student Consulting: ready for your career in consulting?
4 February, 2020
Jutta Zeko
FS Charity Run for AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt
19 November, 2019
Oana Barabula
Part-time MBA: Experiencing CEIBS and Shanghai
9 July, 2019
Aslam Khadaroo
Brexit-Talk with Claire Jones: is nationalist backlash a communication problem?
17 October, 2019
Philipp Schreiber
Staying ahead of the curve: challenges and learnings of the part-time MBA experience
23 August, 2019
Chris Lindemann
Frankfurt School Chess Tournament – why Chess is relevant
1 July, 2019
Matteo Schubert
Living in Frankfurt as an International Student
15 August, 2019
Jessica Wang
Frankfurt School Attends the MBA Tournament
28 May, 2019
Pranshu Gupta