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Can a set of minimum ESG reporting standards solve the ESG reporting dilemma?
7 December 2021
Alexandra B. Kinywamaghana
Do banks reward SMEs‘ good ESG performance with lower interest rates?
28 October 2022
Paul Glang
Are SMEs ready for ESG Reporting? Opportunities and Challenges
28 April 2022
Alexandra B. Kinywamaghana
New opportunities for Central Banks with Financial Big Data
17 June 2021
Alexandra B. Kinywamaghana
How my PhD visit strengthened my research network
7 December 2021
Jonas Wessel
The Domino Effect of Sustainability – How does the EU Taxonomy Regulation affect society?
16 November 2021
Alexandra B. Kinywamaghana
No credit crunch (yet) – but here is why we should be worried
20 July 2020
Prof. Dr. Sascha Steffen – the green Crowdinvesting Platform of Frankfurt School
23 September 2021
Tobias Panofen
Welche Rolle spielen Banken in der Plattformwirtschaft?
21 July 2021
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Moormann
Have you felt the sustainable finance-related regulatory attention already?
5 May 2020
Menglu Neupert-Zhuang
Banks and Climate Risk Exposure – why do banks care about climate risk?
26 May 2021
Alexandra B. Kinywamaghana
Leadership in the age of digitisation: finance in focus
19 January 2021
Prof. Dr. Bernd Wallraff
How the Corona crisis will affect blockchain ecosystems
25 March 2020
Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner
The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Importance of Financial Inclusion
15 September 2020
Ricardo A. Estrada Villalta
Regulatory authorities in China will review banks’ green finance performance
12 August 2020
Menglu Neupert-Zhuang