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International projects

Sowing seeds of prosperity: Agribusinesses in Egypt
18 March 2024
Callum Lee
A changing global landscape: Three observations from the Raisina Dialogue in Delhi
26 April 2023
Matthias Catón
Supporting EU’s engagement with South Africa on peace, security and human rights
18 April 2023
Celine Harden
Hackathons Organized under the Tech Incubation Program Reveal Potential of Rwanda’s Youth
12 February 2020
Jonathan Nkoola
FS delivers sustainable finance capacity building for Asian central banks
21 March 2023
Dr. Alexander Lehmann
Raising awareness of green technologies amidst COVID-19
3 December 2020
Sheryl Loh
Rwanda: Role of the Private Sector in influencing Innovation among the Youth
26 February 2020
Jonathan Nkoola