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Doctoral Programme

COVID-19: How can risk management handle the challenge?
18 March, 2020
Prof. Dr. Christian Schmaltz
Should pandemic scenarios be included in the risk management tool box?
24 March, 2020
Prof. Dr. Christian Schmaltz
On the job market
27 August, 2018
Wenjiao Cao
My journey on finding a Finance Assistant Professor position
5 March, 2020
Lorenzo Schönleber
When Do Victims of Non-Financial Fraud Lose More?
8 January, 2016
Yuriy Timofeev
Incentive-based Compensation and Financial Misreporting: Evidence from a Refined Sample
4 January, 2016
Wenjiao Cao
My PhD Visit at the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Science
21 June, 2018
Lorenzo Schönleber
A doctoral student visits Chicago
22 September, 2015
Elisabeth Kläs
My experience in the FS Doctoral Programme
22 November, 2017
Felix Fritsch