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3 good reasons why you should apply to a business challenge at least once
20 April, 2020
Jermaine Francisco Gutierrez
Blockchain Challenge 2021 – from valuable experiences to future-oriented technologies
4 June, 2021
Felix Novotny
Master of Finance Students Win Prestigious Research Fellowship
29 January, 2021
Aika Bolat
What is a Business Game?
20 December, 2019
Won Joon Choi
Entrepreneurship meets the Swiss Alps: winning the ETH InCube challenge 2020
21 October, 2020
Lucia Ariel Hotti
The Frankfurt School Business Game goes Brussels
25 February, 2020
Frederick Erichsen
Grabbing Opportunities at the UCL Business Game
18 December, 2019
Sofie Sharaf
My Hackathon experience as a MADS student
11 October, 2019
Dipanshu Gupta
Bankfachklasse-Award 2019: once-in-a-lifetime event with a top result
11 September, 2019
Stefan Adler
Nowcasting Inflation: Machine Learning to resolve the classification challenge?
19 September, 2019
Lukas Henkel
HEC Business Game 2019 – The MoF Perspective
7 June, 2019
Anne Postulka