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An Entrepreneurial Deep Dive: how the Executive MBA elevated my business mindset
7 April 2022
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My one goal: to continue learning
3 May 2022
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My story as a Marketer in the part-time MBA
29 April 2022
Mark Pflaumbaum
How my MBA contributes to female empowerment in healthcare
22 February 2022
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Why an MBA today and not tomorrow
14 April 2022
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Combining Medicine with Economics in my International Healthcare MBA
12 April 2022
Dr. med. Erik Wegner
My MBA in International Healthcare – a truly transformational life experience
14 January 2022
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My International Healthcare MBA module abroad
22 March 2022
Dr. Farid Alzhrani
Balancing professional ambition and motherhood
15 March 2022
Kari Foss-Persson
How the Full-time MBA helped me prepare for a career change
27 August 2021
Stefanos Varntanian
For all women: Don’t give up on yourself!
8 March 2022
Kamila Miszczyszyn
My first 90 days as an MBA Programme Manager
17 February 2022
Stephanie Kutschmann
Dancing into the Executive MBA
6 April 2021
Jason Jacobs
Expanding my horizon – from Science to MBA
27 January 2022
Dr. Svenja Taschinski
Integrating my knowledge and skills into the MBA in International Healthcare
21 January 2022
Ahmed Awaji