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Dancing into the Executive MBA
6 April, 2021
Jason Jacobs
My opportunity to grow in uncertain times
10 June, 2021
Julie Michaud-Bernlochner
Mindfulness in the Executive MBA – becoming aware of your personal growth
2 June, 2021
Daniel Hambrock
Why I decided to start an MBA during Corona time
23 February, 2021
Marie-Rose Wagner
Why I decided to pursue an MBA at Frankfurt School as an international student
21 May, 2021
Archana Mohan
My MBA journey – why go back to university in your 30s?!
11 May, 2021
Ahmed Nagi
My new role: Lawyer to Business operations with an EMBA
7 January, 2021
Kari Foss
Group Consulting Project – a valuable practical experience for your career
10 May, 2021
Melissa Lim
My experience in choosing between the three options for my master’s thesis
7 May, 2021
Jasmin Rahn
My Hybrid Learning Experience at Frankfurt School
9 December, 2020
Mike Thaler
Starting a new chapter in life by following my instinct
21 April, 2021
Alessandro Ottaviani
How the Executive MBA programme contributed to changing my history
16 April, 2021
Marco Lemessi
My Women in Healthcare Scholarship & what to expect from an IHM MBA
2 December, 2020
Vishakha Oza
My Pursuit of an MBA in International Healthcare Management
14 April, 2021
Moise Muzigaba
A big decision I made at the right time
14 April, 2021
Marcus Sweeney