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Financial Times MBA Quiz

March 14, 2016
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On March 10, 2016 me and my five schoolmates attended the Financial Times MBA Quiz. This was the third time the quiz took place and we were all very excited to attend! In February we had a meeting with Emma, our coordinator, who gave us all the essential information and the school promotional material. Guys got the ties, girls got the scarves and we all got nice FS pins.


Four of us decided to go to London one day earlier, as we had no classes on Wednesday. We were on the morning flight to London, checked into a cool hostel and immediately started exploring the town. We went to see the Tower Bridge and later in the evening Ivan and me decided to play tourists and took the scary Jack the Ripper tour we booked from Frankfurt! In the evening we went for a dinner and later to a cool jazz club called Ronnie Scott’s.


The next morning Emma and the remaining two students arrived. We had a couple of hours of free time so I decided to have a lesson on the history of England at the Tower of London, what was totally fun! Of course I took the audio guide to enjoy the touristic atmosphere.


5pm: We met in the hotel lobby and departed to the Financial Times Headquarters. All of us neatly equipped with the FS promo material of course, so we were ready&set for some photo-shooting fun on the way there.


6-7pm: Photo-shooting in the Financial Times lobby and meeting some of our competing teams.

7-8pm: The Quiz! We were seated to our table, served wine and fed with canapés. The first part of the quiz were multiple choice questions from various topics like Politics (Who is the financial minister of India?), Business (Who was the guy who made the HIV medicine ridiculously expensive? In which region did Barclays Bank recently close all of its operations?), Lifestyle (Something where the answer was Adele and a question from Oscars) and so on. The next topics were not multiple choice questions what made the quiz slightly more difficult… The newly introduced section was the Pictures Quiz, where we saw a picture of a person or a place and we should write the correct answer (The picture of the Pepsi CEO, the picture of Petronas Towers, etc). The last part was the most important, there were 12 questions each worth triple points. I remember the questions about the longest flight, and about the recently bankrupt American rapper. At the end they announced the top three teams, and the winner was Imperial College London for the third year in a row. Congratulations to the winning team!


8-9pm: Short mingling with the teams. A few of us went to a pub next close by, but most of the teams went home or to their hotels. We met some very nice people and will stay in touch! Many other students noticed our promo material, loved it, and told me they will tell their schools they need the ties and scarves too! Big thumbs up for our Marketing department.

Lessons for the next Financial Times MBA Quiz

Read all news, don’t concentrate on just financial stories! Have an Indian member in the team.  It really helps if there are team members from different regions and have someone in the team who also knows the celebrity gossip. It was said that news are from the whole year before the quiz, but my impression was that it was mostly about recent big news and events from the past a couple of months, some of them were from the week before the quiz. Check schedule and try to squeeze in a day in London just to be a tourist! It is worth it.

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