Michelle Kuenkler
Master of Finance student '18
Master of Finance

FS Bachelor’s to FS Master’s

May 4, 2017
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I had finished my Bachelor’s degree at Frankfurt School last year in March and I was working full-time in the financial industry. I spoke to the MoF alumni as I wanted to know the benefits of continuing your education at Frankfurt School. The program sounded really auspicious, the alumni were more than happy with it. It was then that I made my decision to go back to Frankfurt School. However, one thing would be different this time – I would be part of the Master of Finance (MoF) program. I was excited for my new experience!

As a former Bachelor student at FS, I was able to skip the first semester of the program and to jump right into the second one. Frankfurt School  provides us with an awesome field-trip in Luxembourg ; three days of team building activities, inspirational lectures about sustainability in finance, career opportunities in Luxembourg and Luxembourg as FinTech hub. We socialised in the evenings and ended the trip at the world’s largest multilateral lender and borrower – the European Investment Bank. I can say that I had an amazing welcome to the MoF program and have made new friends, too. To find out more about the Luxembourg off-site, check out Francesco’s, one of my fellow students, blog entry.

Right from the first lecture, I could say that being at FS is like what it was before, but there is somehow a noticeable difference. I can now say that FS-spirit has caught me again! Even though we are 168 students from 34 different countries, we all have the same aim; graduating as a Master of Finance student from FS.

The multi-culture environment is probably the biggest difference to my previous Bachelor program, which I like a lot! It is beneficial in a way that I can expand my horizon by getting to know new cultures and making friends all around the world. Especially in class, when we have interactive discussions, the different points of view caused by the internationality enrich our lectures in many ways. But this is not the only advantage, the various educational backgrounds of the students make conversations, group work and lectures even more valuable.

The requirements that are asked for us students within the MoF are very high and the pace is fast. Faster than it was during my Bachelor’s. You can tell! The MoF follows a unique time model that permits to work part-time within the semester because lectures are only three days a week (“3-day-model”). I work two days a week, which makes it quite tough to fully meet the requirements. However, on the other side this pushes me even more to improve myself in what I am doing and in being well organized. Although it already feels very stressful after only four weeks of lectures and around four weeks before my first exam, at the end we all sit in the same boat and as they say “a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved”.

Now that I am settled into my first semester as an FS MoF student, I am quite sure that ‘I am doing the right thing’ and I am looking forward to spending the next two and a half semesters at FS before graduation!

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