Banken 2020: Zerrissen zwischen Tradition und Hightech
19. Februar 2020
Jürgen Moormann
Rwanda: Role of the Private Sector in influencing Innovation among the Youth
26. Februar 2020
Jonathan Nkoola
How my Master helped me move from IT to Finance?
26. Februar 2020
Emeka M. Okoye
Hackathons Organized under the Tech Incubation Program Reveal Potential of Rwanda’s Youth
12. Februar 2020
Jonathan Nkoola
FS Invest goes London 2.0: The London Banking Trip 2019
26. Februar 2020
Lukas Wadle
Standardisierung des Projektmanagements beim Global Player NORMA Group
26. Februar 2020
Barbara Rave
Aufsicht führen kann nur, wer sachverständig handeln kann
10. Februar 2020
Dr. Rita Pikó
How my MBA helped me to enter Consulting as an Engineer
25. Februar 2020
Jun Lu
The Frankfurt School Business Game goes Brussels
25. Februar 2020
Frederick Erichsen
How the Master of Finance led me to my Investment Banking Career
5. Februar 2020
Yulia Botsman
Über die Herkunft des Begriffes „Artificial Intelligence“
24. Februar 2020
Michelle Neumann
Combining Theory and Best Business Practices in the Consumer Behavior Elective
20. Februar 2020
Foeke IJntema
Building Soft Skills and Self-awareness: KODE Coaching
29. Januar 2020
Georgios Triantafyllou
My Cooperation Company Project Experience with Drooms
19. Februar 2020
Sitong Ye
Global payments: Transparenz wird „grenzenlos“
19. Februar 2020
Annette Blank