A Colombian graduate working in Germany
Masters / 21 October 2019
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Master of Arts Class of 2018
Valentina is a 2018 Master alumna working full-time in Frankfurt and still contributing to Frankfurt School’s ambassador programme.

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I started my Masters at Frankfurt School in September 2016 after finishing my bachelor in my home country Colombia, for me it was a clear choice to study abroad at a renowned international university recognized for its educational curriculum. Studying at FS was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I got to be taught by experts with exceptional backgrounds and outstanding careers in the different fields, they teach and who engage students in their lessons due to their knowledge and experience. FS also gave me the possibility to work during my studies, giving me the chance to immerse myself in the professional world and gain some experience in the field.

Being a student and working at the same time

While studying I had the chance to work at the university one day per week, helping with the Bachelor of Arts program; this was just the perfect start as I was in my first semester still trying to adapt to my new life in Frankfurt and as a Master student. It was the perfect combination as I was working one day per week and studying three days which allowed me to also meet people, and get to know my new home: Frankfurt.

After the first semester I started applying for other jobs, I wanted to develop a career in the financial industry and I knew that having experience would be an advantage once I graduated. Moreover, I felt like I could still balance studying and working more days a week achieving great results in both university and work. One of the most remarkable benefits of studying at FS is the wonderful network that you build. Not only is career services an amazing department that guides you and helps you when looking for a job, they also count with a very big network with companies that are interested in recruiting students.

Thanks to one of my classmates I landed at Deutsche Börse (Germany’s stock exchange), where I worked in the marketing department helping promote a security called Xetra Gold, which is a financial instrument for people who want to invest in the gold market. I have to say having Deutsche Börse as an employer set my expectations very high, it was an amazing experience working for such a big and important company and it was very interesting for me to be able to apply what I was learning at university in the corporate world. Last but not least it was a very nice way to enhance my curriculum.

After studies

I finished my master in 2018, and started working right away for an investment manager bank. I applied to State Street some months before graduating since I knew I wanted to stay longer in Germany. One of the team leads of the branch I applied for was a graduate from FS. This gave me a very big advantage since he knew a little from my academic background and how prepared I was for the job.

I am currently still working for State Street in the collateral management department. Collateral management refers to the movement of financial assets between two trading counterparties, in order to cover the risk of a portfolio. I work in the Projects & Migrations team. As dedicated center of excellence in EMEA we act as first internal and external point of contact. Therefore, our tasks vary from presenting our service at on-site client meetings, to coordinating IT-related developments in order to meet our client’s requirements. The scope of responsibilities is very broad; hence it is a very interesting, dynamic and active job.

Because of all of the above, Frankfurt School has a big name in the financial industry and being an Alumni from this university is a reason to feel proud and very well prepared for when starting your professional career.