After my PhD in Science, I decided to join an MBA and convinced my husband to do the same!
MBA in International Healthcare Management / 22 September 2020
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MBA in International Healthcare Management Class of 2021
Laura is Director of Business Development at Adare Pharmaceuticals, holds a PhD in Material Science and Engineering from Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing and is a candidate for the MBA class of 2021.

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Most of the time when I talk to peers and tell them I am pursuing an MBA, after having already completed a PhD, I get a funny look like “What is wrong with you?”

I have to admit that I questioned myself multiple times to really understand if I was ready to devote another 2 more years to further my education. As a scientist, working as a Business Development Manager for a pharmaceutical company, I felt that I was lacking the business knowledge to relate to my peers and steer strategic decisions. I had an awkward feeling when sitting in strategic meetings discussing about a project’s NPVs without really grasping the meaning. So I decided that a technical education was not enough and that pursuing a business degree would help me understand the healthcare business better and also gain credibility with my peers.

Experience so far, our motivation & drive

The International Healthcare Management MBA (IHM) is perfectly designed for busy professionals that want to further their education. The modular setup allows for advanced planning to block time in your diary, and the international locations are selectively picked to provide a broad overview of different healthcare systems globally.

I have to admit that, already after completing the first modules of the IHM-MBA, I feel more comfortable when attending senior meetings and facing C-level customers. I am also very proud to tell people that I am pursuing an MBA at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management! FS keeps hitting top positions in many international rankings and it is recognized by colleagues and peers worldwide!

The application process got even more exciting when my husband also decided to join Frankfurt School of Finance in the Part-Time MBA programme. He was looking into different programmes and schools and once I was admitted to FS, the decision was clear for him as well.

Our weekends and dinner chats have turned into study sessions. Exam preparations have become a platform to challenge each other and test each other’s knowledge on Finance, Accounting and Marketing. The one that gets the lowest grade in the exam has to wash the dishes for the following week!

Most relevant learning

After my first MBA class, I realized that I still had a lot to learn about how to do business in an international setting. The programme offers opportunities to manage, lead and be apart of an international team from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The assignments are designed to foster interactions between the classmates and challenge you to work together and succeed. All my peers are ambitious leaders, who want to do their best in every assignment! It is a great challenge, but rewarding, to learn how to work together with other leaders in their fields, like myself, and to strive towards the same goal. In the IHM-MBA, I am getting the chance to learn from and with international classmates and peers, while getting a prestigious title and getting exposed to healthcare systems worldwide!