MoF Alumni Leadership Workshop
Alumni / 21 October, 2016
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MoF class of 2012
Nicole is a Frankfurt School Master of Finance graduate and completed her studies in 2012. She is currently working in Kinshasa.

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It was great to participate in the leadership workshop organised by Frankfurt School. As usual at Frankfurt School, diversity was a key element in this event. I had the chance to meet people from different countries, different years of graduation and different backgrounds; it was an asset to be there during the four days. What I liked the most was  the practical elements of the workshop, rather than just focusing on theory.

Favorite Workshop

I participated in the “Getting Commitment”  and  ”Conflict Management” sessions. The first session involved an actor who demonstrated situations that everyone had previously experienced and showed how we should react as leaders. The second session was really interesting because we learned that conflict is not always negative as it can lead to innovation and leaders’ career development.

Seeing old course mates

There were alumni from different years of graduation. Although we did not all graduate in the same year, it was a pleasure to meet other alumni who have studied the Master of Finance at Frankfurt School and benefit from their experiences –  it was a great networking opportunity.

Returning to Frankfurt

After four years, returning to Frankfurt was magical and full of emotion. I had two wonderful years in Frankfurt and Frankfurt school was part of it. I met nice people during the time I spent there and this included not only classmates but also international office staff who made my life a bit easier in Frankfurt regarding the administration processes.

Outdoor Leadership exercises

The other amazing experience in this workshop was leadership exercises near the river Main. Those exercises included important skills that each leader should have such as communication, team work, patience, negotiation, observation, innovation and creativity. The exercise I liked the most was the catapult building experience. This wonderful experience included teamwork, negotiation, financial management and cost effectiveness. We ended up presenting why any client should buy our product and also presenting the financial situation of our project after the building experience.