What to expect from our Bachelor of Science in Computational Business Analytics
Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics / 7 April 2020
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Student Recruitment
Irene arbeitet im Bachelor Student Recruitment Team der Frankfurt School.

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Due to an increasing digitalization of the business world, companies nowadays have access to large amounts of data. With this comes the challenge to turn Big Data into Smart Data – from quantity to quality. Companies see themselves confronted with highly complex decision-making problems that require experts who are able to speak fluently to both decision-makers as well as data scientists. To meet this demand, Frankfurt School has launched the Bachelor of Science in Computational Business Analytics to start in September 2020:

What does Computational Business Analytics mean?

Business Analytics enables you to use your knowledge of data science, statistics and machine learning methods to find solutions to pressing business problems. Your ability to combine insights from mathematics, computer science and management, paired with great communication skills, will let you take an important role in shaping the success of your organization.

Famous examples of Business Analytics in everyday life include Search Engines (Google), Recommendation Management (Amazon, Netflix) and Image and Speech Recognition (Facebook, Siri).

During this 7-semester programme you will:

  • Learn about the theories and tools used in the field of Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Learn to understand and analyse data in order to translate the outcomes of data analyses to actionable recommendations for managers
  • Learn more about management and business as well as the technical aspects of Data Science
  • Combine your theoretical knowledge with practical approaches and examples such as Workshops, Case Studies, Guest lectures and the possibility to write your Bachelor Thesis in cooperation with a company
  • Study with an international group of students from all over the world
  • Gain international experience through a semester abroad at one of our over 125 partner universities, as well as doing an internship abroad

Is the BSc in Computational Business Analytics the right programme for me?

It is, if you:

  • are interested in new and innovative technologies and their application in the business world
  • have strong analytical / math skills and want to work on interesting and important problems
  • are hands-on and like to work with computers
  • are eager to discover the benefits and challenges of big data

Students can apply up to one year in advance. If you have not received your final degree yet, you can simply apply with your two latest transcripts. Since this course is fully taught in English, international students without any German skills are also welcome to apply.

Career prospects

As a graduate, you can work in any industry where digital transformation takes place such as finance, consultancy, logistics, automotive or services. Graduates either will be able to work as a manager or consultant, or might even go into the more technical direction: Data Scientist, Business Analyst or Data Visualization Engineer. All career paths are open!

Due to the high amount of data companies are dealing with, Data Scientists are very much in demand on the job market and you have excellent job opportunities starting already during your studies.