Becoming an improved version of ourselves: A quick dive into the part-time MBA experience
Part-time MBA / 22 March 2018
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Part-time MBA Class of 2019
Carlos is currently based in Shanghai and works as Head of Process Technology for the Asia Pacific North Region at Evonik Industries AG. He has over 10 years of experience in Research, Development & Innovation in the Chemical & Biotechnology industry.

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Every now and then, it is good to devote some time to review our tracks. Thus, I got the opportunity to write this blog and to share several recent experiences with you that I have collected after my first months as a “part-time” MBA student at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

My adventure began in October 2017 with the leadership camp. The aim of this camp was to encourage and stimulate the interactions between all members of our brand new group. This implied a deep reflection on how to effectively form, manage and, above all, behave when working in a team. I believe, at least from my point of view, that the event was very successful, because we now think and act as a unit. We share many things and help each other without asking for something in return. It feels as if I am adopted by a large family.

My motivation and drive for the MBA

Behind each one of us, there are different motivations for being here. Yet, what drives us as a team, is an enormous curiosity and willingness to improve ourselves. Whenever I look at our group, I see eager and curious faces that intend to absorb all the knowledge from our professors or guest speakers. This is very inspiring and motivating.

I intended to start my MBA long ago. I went to several MBA Evenings here and there. However, FS inspired me to take the leap to apply. Beginning a new and challenging life is better than putting off your dreams. I realized I had nothing to lose yet much more to gain.

Presently, I think it is one of the best decisions of my adult life. For me, an engineer, everything related to economics, finance, marketing etc. is completely new and provides me with diverse perspectives and different horizons. I am not afraid anymore of changing my career or to resign from my job and start over from zero. At FS, I have found stimulating lectures and an exciting learning atmosphere. In addition, my class is a wonderful mixture of backgrounds and cultures.

As previously mentioned, I am an engineer, a chemical engineer to be precise. This profession, to a certain extent, has defined what I am and what I can do. I am used to linking chemical formulas with numbers, experiments, and simulations and to get the most out of them. I love working in the lab and at manufacturing plants. However, a couple of years ago I began to feel as if something was missing in my professional career. I felt I can do more with business; I felt I can do more with my passion about research and innovation. At that moment, a transformation occurred inside myself and I started to develop my own theories about management, and the role I want to play in future business at my current or next job.

What MBA means for me

An MBA is not about a title; it is about being you. It is about finding your place in the world, and about finding your strengths. It is about being a better you, a more sensible you. In my case, it means to be a person able to effectively combine a strong technical engineering expertise with practical managerial understanding. In that way, I am sure we will display new talents as managers of a small unit first, a department afterwards, and a business unit in a couple of years. We are allowed to dream. Each one of us has the possibility to create a unique career that fits perfectly with the improved versions of ourselves.