Skillbase „Strategy & Organization“
Career Services / 23 August, 2015
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Sven Kuonen ist Manager und seit 2010 bei zeb und gehört der Skillbase ist „Strategy & Organisation“ an. Dort beschäftigt er sich vor allem mit Capital Markets und Securities Operations.

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No day in the “Skillbase Strategy & Organization” in zeb is alike – every day you face a new challenge that needs to be addressed, but this is just what makes the job of consultant so exciting as far as I’m concerned.

What would you actually imagine a day in the “Skillbase Strategy & Organization” is like?

Or rather, what do you have bring with you in order to succeed? In addition to above-average grades, a number of other skills is necessary. First and foremost, outstanding analytical skills and readiness of mind combined with a structured approach. In addition, it naturally requires a high level of commitment and motivation to perform well and sometimes to go “the extra mile”! It’s also important, though, to bring with you a well-balanced dose of wit and creativity. After all, if you only come into it with structure and professionalism and forget the human and common sense side, you won’t succeed in consultancy over the long term.

Since in consultancy you often spend many hours at the customer’s site in a team with colleagues, it is, of course, important to be able to work well as part of a team. Basically, in interaction with the customer, but also with colleagues, a convincing appearance and superior communication skills are required. Finally, in consultancy the following applies: the customer is king. This is why a consultant must always act in a customer-oriented way, which does not mean, though, that he always does exactly what the customer wants him to do, but that he is acting in the interests of the customer.

In addition to these general skills, it is, of course, equally important that you speak good English, and ideally that you already have some experience in consultancy or the financial sector. In summary, a variety of skills are needed to succeed in consultancy. The combination of technical know-how with the typical consultancy skills into an integrated whole means that you can confront the S&O consultant with new challenges every day, and he or she will successfully take up these challenges.