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Master in Management

Bringing industry to the classroom with the MiM

April 8, 2016
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The closer our students get to graduating the closer they come to entering the job market. As the MiM naturally combines theoretical knowledge with practical orientation it is the perfect programme to prepare our graduates for that exact challenge. While the theoretical foundations are laid in class with topics such as innovation management, organizational design and the like, our students have the chance to see theory come to life in many different ways:

Business Cases

Many of the MiM-modules work with the latest case studies. This way we make sure our students understand which challenges and troubles companies have faced in the past, how and why some have successfully overcome them while others have failed to solve them. Our mission is to not only teach our students about the theories of management; we also want them to be able to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. Therefore we use business cases that prompt our students to use their analytical skills and to apply the knowledge they have gained in the lectures to crack the case.

Manufacturing Site Visits

When our professors teach Operations Management and Logistics & Supply Chain Management they already practically demonstrate what Kanban, Just-In-Time and Simultaneous Engineering look like in the classroom, but our students only grasp the entire picture when they get to visit manufacturing plants which apply exactly these concepts.

Goodyear Dunlop, John Deere and Mercedes are just a few of the companies our MiM students have visited in the past. Going on a day-trip and strolling through some of the most exemplary international companies in terms of technology and engineering has helped a lot of students to realize where they want to start their career. When planning our annual company visits we choose manufacturing companies that have mastered the art of logistics & supply chain management and can show our students what best-practice looks like.

Real life challenges

One of the most efficient ways of preparing our students for the demands of the business world is to enable guest speakers to attend our lectures and to provide a detailed insight into their various companies. Additionally they often present one or two challenges they are currently dealing with, for example introducing a new product to the market. It is then up to our students to create a solution, often even an entire strategy, which will later on be pitched to the real company. I like to refer to this experience as consulting practice with hands-on coaching from our lecturers. Moreover I am pleased to say that on a number of occasions our students’ solutions have been implemented by the respective companies.

To top it all off, our 3-day model allows students to secure a job (up to 60%) while completing a full-time graduate degree at the same time. The majority of our students take advantage of this option and manage to work three days per week and attends classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We have invested a lot of effort in developing the ideal mixture of theory and practice to ensure that graduates from the MiM at Frankfurt School have the skills necessary for their future career. We take our responsibility seriously and understand that our success as a business school is based on the success of our graduates in their careers and on the satisfaction of our corporate partners in the graduates that they recruit from us.

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