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Where will a BSc at Frankfurt School get you in 10 years?

March 15, 2016
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One of the most fascinating parts of our job is watching our graduates go out into the work force, begin their careers and go on to achieve success. Following our alumni and staying in touch is an important part of growing the Frankfurt School community but it also enables us to understand how a degree at Frankfurt School can impact your careers. We recently reached out to the graduates from the BSc Business Administration Class of 2005 to find out how their careers have changed since graduation. 30% of the graduating class responded and here some of their key answers:

  • 44% of these graduates are still happily employed by the very same partner company secured during their Bachelor degree.
  • almost 60% of these graduates did not pursue another degree on top of their Bachelor degree
  • the majority of graduates found their first job in the following areas: Retail banking, asset management and corporate finance. (This first class were heavily finance focused in their careers, but later classes have diversified greatly into other industries in the last 10 years)
  • After graduation, the majority of our graduates took positions in Germany, however, other frequent destinations included the US, Switzerland and the UK.
  • Graduates from the BBA disclosed an average yearly income of over €150,000! (and top earners making up to €400.000).
  • Our graduates lead teams on average between of 5 -11 employees and manage budgets up to €150 million.

bsc-average-incomeThese key facts sound very impressive but are by no means a guarantee. Each alumnus success story has a background of hard work and dedication during their studies at Frankfurt School and in the early years of their career. But the hidden achievement demonstrated by our alumni over and over again is the pride they feel for Frankfurt School and their willingness to stay in touch and network with their fellow graduates. We look forward to supporting the next generation of Frankfurt School graduates in achieving their Career goals! Find out how you can benefit from a Bachelor degree at Frankfurt School by signing up for our Bachelor Openday on 30th April. Bachelorday

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