From a career in telecommunications in Syria to an MBA at Frankfurt School
MBA / 15 February, 2019
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Part-time MBA Class of 2018
Anas is a part-time MBA candidate for the class of 2020 and works in the Credit Operations Department – Collateral Administration unit at Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba). Before starting his MBA, he worked for the German Red Cross for almost three years as IT & Administration Coordinator and he has ten years of experience in telecommunication working at Syriatel Mobile Telecom S.A.

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I want to improve, develop and shape my knowledge, my level of education and my professional skills. After pursuing a ten year career in telecommunication in Syria, those were the goals that I wanted to achieve after I moved from Syria to Germany in 2015. I began the process of achieving those goals, by joining the part-time MBA at Frankfurt School.

The opportunity to study part-time

After graduating from a Bachelor of Business Administration with focus on Finance and Investment in Syria in 2010, I thought that I was done with the education and it was the time to focus on work. Having a full-time job and studying an MBA is not something that could be done easily in Syria. After moving to Germany, I was told about the possibility to study and to work at the same time. I immediately started my search to figure out how and where to do it!

Choosing to do an MBA was a big decision, but it was only the first of many big decisions to follow. The first practical question I had to confront was, where do I want to study? There are excellent business schools in Europe which offer part-time MBA programs, but I always wanted to be a student at one of the best schools, and yes, it is Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, located in Frankfurt am Main. Being able to get to know one of the major financial centers of the world while studying, was very appealing to me.

A high level of education with a focus on interaction

The education system at Frankfurt School is very advanced. Students sit in the class not only to gain theoretical information, but also take part in an interactive learning system. As students, we have to do research for every lecture. We have to use what we learned to study cases together and present our results to our fellow students, listen to their feedback and to answer their questions.

Learning new methods and applying them immediately to my work

Being a part-time MBA student while working full-time has many added values to my day-to-day life in the office. I always learn new methods and new ways of thinking. I apply some of them to my work and discuss new ideas with my colleagues. I am progressing day-by-day and this is extremely beneficial.

Talented peers

We learn from each other. My classmates are talented students with a high level of previous education, from a range of different backgrounds. For example, some of my classmates are doctors, engineers and financial professionals. Being part of such a group is the most valuable expertise to have.

Taking my career to the next level

After 13 years of work experience, 3 of them being in Germany, I have always asked myself, how to move to the next level of my career. How could I join the Banking and Financial sectors when I have never worked for a bank before? The answer was to acquire a German education, immerse myself into the culture and to better understand the German and the European Business sectors. In fact, one of the immediate results of being a student at Frankfurt School was starting my new career at Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba) as Working Student in the department of Credit Operations – Collateral Administration.

I consider my education to be a life-long investment. Successful MBA graduates from the best ranked business school, such as Frankfurt School, can expect a significant boost in earnings for the rest of their working lives.