Why I chose the Part-time MBA Program at Frankfurt School
MBA / 2 November, 2018
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Part-time MBA Class of 2020
Fatmawati is a software developer at Texas Instruments GmbH focusing on Software Development Tools and a Part-time MBA student in the class of 2020.

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Some classmates and I  were reflecting on childhood memories and discussed being asked “What do you want to become when you’re older?”  We mentioned becoming an astronaut, a vet, a doctor and a bus driver. Interestingly, we became someone completely different compared to what we dreamed of when we were kids. Nevertheless, we are passionate and motivated to get up every morning and develop ourselves at work. Our professional ambition changed because  each life is unique and and does not compare to others – it is the result of our personal experiences.

After some years of work experience, the question from my childhood came back to me personally, “What do I want to become in the future?” and it was followed by, “Am I prepared for that? Do I have enough resources?” The answer became clear to me:  I need new objectives to develop both my career and personal life. I acknowledged the gaps I had to fill with new skills, knowledge and a bigger  network. Ideally, I wanted to pursue new achievements without leaving my full-time position or slowing down my career.  Therefore, I reached out to both seniors at my company and relatives to get more opinions on possible next steps. Based on their experience, an MBA program was the best option, which would allow for both personal and professional developmen without leaving work. At the beginning of the year, I started the research and visits to some MBA schools in Germany. Due to the one-to-one that I had with a Frankfurt School representative at the e-fellows MBA School Days in Munich and the MBA Evening in May 2018, I am convinced that Frankfurt School is the best place for me. Three main benefits I see in the program are:

New knowledge

Studying and working in engineering for the last eleven years has significantly shaped my personality and way of thinking. When I started my career in a multinational company, I realised that most of the time, I could not only assess a problem from an engineer’s point of view, but needed to do so from many more different angles. Due to the many facets that the MBA curriculum at Frankfurt School offers, I am eager to broaden my knowledge about different business and finance aspects, which will subsequently support my career trajectory.

New skills

I enjoy learning by doing and I am not afraid of challenging myself every day. Speaking to  Part-time MBA alumni at one of the monthly MBA Evenings, I particularly liked that the MBA programme at Frankfurt School combines theory with practice and offers many opportunities to work in teams mastering challenges together.  Both the design of the programme and the variety of the class allow for the continuous development of new skill sets and offers many possibilities for personal growth.

New network

I am very grateful to be part of the class of 2020: Fellow students come from very different backgrounds and since we started the programme, we have already exchanged many interesting experiences. On that note, I would like to quote Professor Horst Löchel during the introduction of the curriculum on the first day: “Your classmates are also your professors”  because  an MBA programme is about more than just networking and connecting,  it is about helping each other towards success and opening up new opportunities for the future.

This is why I chose the Part-time MBA programme at Frankfurt School and I am very excited about the 20 months lying ahead.