Master of Leadership: What to keep in mind for your admissions interview
Study / 29 January, 2018
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Head of International Student Recruitment
Joana Rosenkranz is the Head of International Student Recruitment and is responsible for the partner university network.

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Applicants usually feel very nervous once they are invited to attend our admission interview. To support our applicants we are going to share some tips below. Hopefully these will help them to prepare well… Frankfurt School’s admissions interviews for the Master of Leadership in Development Finance take place via skype as the program is online and our applicants are scattered around the globe. Therefore it is quite relevant that your technical equipment like your internet connection, laptop or smartphone is working. The interviewer does not only want to hear you but if possible also to see you. Make sure that your camera is working and that the environment where you have the interview is not too noisy. It would also be good to check your background that can be seen on the interviewer’s screen.

What to expect in admissions interview?

Our admissions interview includes both evaluative and informative elements. The evaluative part of the interview is conducted in order to gain admission to our Master of Leadership in Development Finance online program. Your performance in the interview will be considered when the admissions officers are trying to fit you in the online master profile. In addition, you have the opportunity to find out more about Frankfurt School, while Frankfurt School also finds out more about you. This means you can ask some questions about Frankfurt School or Master Program to your interviewer.

The interviewers conduct a lot of interviews, so you need to think about how you can stand out and leave a good impression. When interviewers ask you to tell them about yourself (a question that is likely to come up), try to respond with something memorable. This is your chance to convey your passion for your chosen subject, your future ambitions, and the qualities you possess that will ensure your academic success.

You should show your interviewer that you’re enthusiastic about your subject and very keen on their program; be as specific as you can. Once a candidate introduced his entire family to the interviewer via skype. This was a nice anecdote not to forget his three kids.

Leave an impression!

How would your friends describe you? This question again gives you an opportunity to talk about your personality – and it’s worth thinking about the answer ahead of the admission interview. Although being ‘friendly, caring and a good listener’ is great, it’s probably not going to particularly impress the interviewers. Try and say something more memorable and meaningful, such as that you’re very determined or motivated; you’re a natural leader or a good collaborator; or you’re always keen to have a go when challenges come up. Be honest, but focus on highlighting your strengths. Try to back up what you say with examples, too.

One of the entry requirements is to have at least two years of work experience in a relevant field. Make sure that you prove your experience and be prepared to talk about your current job (if you have) during the interview. Furthermore leadership is another part of the programme and it plays a role in the interview. Frankfurt School is looking for candidates who can or are willing to become leaders in future.

As you study online, stay where you are and work along with your master it is obvious that self-organization and time management play an important role in your day to day life. You can expect questions about that as well. During many interviews candidates would tell us that they get up very early in the morning (4am was the earliest one student mentioned) and study before they go to work.

Students should not be scared or nervous; our interviewers will make sure that they are in a very comfortable interview situation.