Elevating my career perspectives to higher altitudes
Part-time MBA / 9 March 2021
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Part-Time MBA Class of 2022
Bastian is First Officer Airbus A320 and Assistant to Head of Flight Operations at Lufthansa. He is a candidate for the Part-Time MBA Class of 2022.

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In my decision-making process and when comparing different universities and business schools, I found testimonials from current students particularly useful. However, I was always looking for insights from candidates with a non-traditional background, like myself. So, if you have an atypical academic background and are thinking about an MBA programme – my experience might be helpful to you.

I always wanted to add a professional degree to my education and apprenticeship. That intention increased the more I became involved in management topics within my company. In the beginning, it was not my plan to apply for an MBA programme. Looking at my professional experience as a pilot, I was considering a Master of Science in Aviation Management at a university abroad to gain further job-related knowledge.

The COVID-19 crisis changed my point of view

I realised how fragile the aviation industry is and how harmful external influences can be to a highly crisis-sensitive industry. In fact, the aviation industry turned out to be one of the most affected industries by the current pandemic. It is also the sector which will have to deal with economic and financial consequences the longest, while other industries will improve faster and in a sustainable way.

This taught me to be more flexible and open towards a more general management education: An MBA that is widely accepted, recognised and valued by many other global industries. A programme which, ensures excellent career perspectives independently of the aviation industry.

Why Frankfurt School

By chance, I scrolled through my LinkedIn newsfeed and saw an ad for an online information session at Frankfurt School. I registered and was impressed by the structure of the Part-time MBA programme: It seemed to be customised especially for me and I found many advantages that perfectly fit into my daily life. For example, I like the idea of regular weekend lessons and block weeks. Proximity was also very relevant to me – getting to campus is easy, no hotel required. I appreciated the opportunity to extend my network within the wider Frankfurt area as well as internationally. But most of all, I am thrilled by the idea of receiving a highly valued degree from a well-known, highly-ranked business school in Germany and Europe.  Studying means investing time – my personal time, it means hard continuous work and sacrifice. Taking this step, I decided to fully commit aiming for a high-level education and a well-established degree.

As an MBA graduate, I qualify for a large selection of leadership positions, not only in the aviation industry. Looking back on the past five months, I am impressed with what I have been able to learn and how the lessons were taught. Each module offered so much input and some of the professors’ quotes will stay with me long after the programme. I really appreciate learning in a small group of 60 students, getting to know all my fellow classmates and learning from them as well. Moreover, Frankfurt School is really organised:  Documents and case studies are made available through our e-learning platform. Exams can be written on the same platform and it is also possible for students to upload their written assignments there – all easy to handle.

This type of organisation and structure was also notable during my application process. I was literally the last applicant accepted into the programme and my non-traditional background was reviewed in detail. Frankfurt School always kept close contact with me and worked hard to answer all questions prior to the application deadline. Only through this support could I finally be accepted. I am really grateful for this opportunity and have not regretted my decision.  I am glad that the current crisis made me consider an MBA programme and I am really honoured to study at Frankfurt School and achieve the degree I have always dreamed of.