Employee to Business Owner with the IHM
MBA in International Healthcare Management / 19 June 2019
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MBA in International Healthcare Management Class of 2019
Dr. Amir Ahmed is a clinical pharmacologist and a MBA IHM Class of 2019 candidate.

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I was raised in the United Arab Emirates and began studying medicine in the Soviet Union in 1989. In my second year of surgery training, in pursuit of new challenges, I moved to the Netherlands to complete my training.

In order to finance my medical school tuition, I worked as a nurse assistant in a nursing home. Until this time, the only contact I had had with elderly people was with my grandparents, however I appreciated what the nurses did to care for the patients and keep them active. I then decided to choose geriatric medicine as my first specialty.

Continuing to seek more challenges, following my geriatric medicine training, I achieved a second sub specialty in clinical pharmacology, to compliment my PhD in both of these specialties. As an Associate Professor, my work in the Netherlands includes clinical, teaching and research, and management responsibilities. My current research work involves drug trials to develop treatments for Alzheimer’s.

Why an MBA?  

During my career I witnessed many decisions, such as department closures being made by hospital management, which affected the role of my colleagues. I felt that I needed to understand how these decisions were made and began searching for a suitable program in the Netherlands, which then lead me to thinking about a master’s in health management.

I happened to come across the Frankfurt School International Healthcare Management MBA and when reading about what type of people should attend, I knew it would be the right programme for me. The programme was a perfect fit which has allowed me to increase knowledge, gain knowledge on leadership within the healthcare industry and apply this to my professional pursuits.

Career impact of the IHM MBA: From employee to business owner

A recent job offer with the opportunity to move back to the UAE to work for a hospital has evolved into a new business venture for me. While studying the MBA, I developed a business plan focusing on the value of a geriatric clinic in Dubai. But after speaking to a few friends about the job offer, I decided to turn it down and use the knowledge gathered from my business plan to start my own clinic instead. The timing was perfect for me, and my knowledge of the culture, the language, and the demand for geriatric medicine in the UAE convinced assured me that establishing my own clinic, was the right decision for me.

I am busy now with the planning for my new business venture, and am looking to open my clinic at the end of 2019.