My International Healthcare MBA module abroad
MBA in International Healthcare Management / 22 March 2022
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MBA in International Healthcare Management Class of 2022
Dr. Farid Alzhrani has more than 15 years of work experience and holds a degree in otorhinolaryngology. He is currently working in Saudi Arabia for the King Saud University Medical College as an Associate Professor.

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I have been doing my MBA in International Healthcare Management for over a year. From my perspective, it is a highly relevant programme since my professional background is in medicine. I am employed as an ENT surgeon, and I find my job quite rewarding. However, once I became a student in the MBA, my outlook on medicine broadened. It shifted from simply treating people to figuring out how to provide effective and high-quality healthcare service. This programme has strengthened my leadership style and increased my communication skills, which enabled me to gain more self-confidence.

The programme has its own set of criteria designed specifically for the healthcare business. Furthermore, it covers a variety of healthcare systems from throughout the world, allowing students to have a better grasp of how healthcare systems operate in various countries. The MBA is being flavoured by the presence of students from various backgrounds, cultures, and countries.

Module in Dubai: Human Resource Management

During my MBA, I gained a broader picture of the international healthcare sector by going through the modules in different countries. In our Human Resources Management course, for example, we learned that human resources are an important asset in the healthcare industry. As a result, it is critical to handle and manage it in the best ethical way.

In healthcare firms, everything from hiring and attracting good personnel, to motivating and educating current employees is essential. Another crucial aspect is the retention of the excellent healthcare personnel.

The complexity and diversity of employees working in hospitals makes managing human resources difficult. As a result, leading a hospital’s human resources department necessitates specialised skills and knowledge. We learned a lot about human resource management in the healthcare industry in the Dubai module.

Change Management

During the module in Dubai, we also covered a very essential issue: change management. We recognised that a good change implementation takes a lot of effort and usually takes a long time. Furthermore, the leader must carefully select the change team to be successful.

It’s critical to understand the key ingredients of a successful healthcare transformation team. Nonetheless, understanding and avoiding a team’s five dysfunctions benefits leaders in change management success.

MBA Teamwork Assignments

Good team building in healthcare occurs when all team members understand, believe in, and strive towards a common goal of caring for patients. This sense of shared purpose should never be taken for granted. Team leaders should bring it up at every opportunity and make sure that everyone in the team is working toward it in their daily tasks. All teams go through different stages of development, but openness and trust, as well as members working to their own strengths, are the most productive. Team leaders should create a “teaming strategy” to outline how they will act and collaborate, including how they will use communication technology to maximise face-to-face contact.

For this assignment, my colleagues and I were divided into teams. They must give a team presentation at the end of each module. The students grew more homogeneous and efficient during the last module. Furthermore, compared to the initial courses at the start of the programme back in October 2020, all students exhibited significant progress in their presentation skills.