Frankfurt MBA Field Trip to SAP Headquarter, Walldorf, Germany
Career Services / 30 May, 2016
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MBA Class of 2016
Jiahui is a current student in the Frankfurt MBA and will graduate in 2016.

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The world is changing faster than at any time in history, thanks to the technology breakthroughs and innovations. I cannot be more convinced, after our field trip to SAP (System Applications and Products) headquarter, in Walldorf, Germany.

The field trip is part of the Career Development Programme offered by Career Services.

Founded in 1972 in Germany by five ex-IBM employees, SAP is now one of the world’s most successful Enterprise Resources Planning  solution providers, with regional office in 130 countries and client coverage in 190 countries.

SAP headquarter welcomed us with presentations in SAP University Alliances. It is always inspiring to listen to a successful global company’s value, vision, and secret of success. It is an eye-opening real-life case study.

Firstly, SAP introduced us its three-phases innovation model, which are: 1) discover, 2) design, and 3) deliver. To maintain innovative in an industry where technology replaces quickly, the company maintains tolerant to failure, keeps raising the bars, and adopts life learning. Apart from that, SAP values clients and focus its product design on client experiences, with four key criteria, namely: 1) adaptive, 2) simple, 3) coherent, and 4) delightful.

SAP positions itself as “a traditional company seeking new opportunities”. How prudent, dynamic and optimistic! Looking forward, SAP sees the new opportunities emerge from machine learning, ahead of the Internet of things, big data, and the like.

For me, I can always apply the wisdom and philosophy of a successful organization to individual level, e.g. life long learning, being adaptive, positioning, and proactively embracing new opportunities. You are free to apply more.

Following a delightful coffee break, we entered “SAP Digital Board Room” and experienced the “Big Data Real Time Analytics”. The visualization of data, is just like what you can see from a James Bond or FBI movie. This high-end product is not yet introduced to the majority clients. But it might become a new trend sooner.

After a pleasant lunch with SAP colleagues, we visited “SAP Inspiration Pavilion”, where the technological milestones in history are recoded. It reminds us that the first generation of iPhone is only introduced in 2007, indeed not long ago. However, this disruptive innovation from Silicon Valley, combined with the high internet penetration worldwide, completely changed the world and set the new tend of lifestyle. Now the digital world is transforming into “cloud” era. The real data management and analytics are applying to a wider range, enhancing efficiency and productivity in every field. Worth to mention, as a German company, SAP contributed its high techniques and full support to German national football team, wining the Champion in FIFA 2014.

During our visit, SAP informed us that it recently signed a cooperative contract with Apple. Without a doubt, the alliance of the two strong global technology giants, will generate synergy and bring more excitements to us. The world will become more connected and change even faster. We have a lot to expect. Time to turn on your highest imagination.

Are you ready? To explore and enjoy this fast–changing and connected world, and don’t forget, to become one who builds it.