From the war and fear to the MBA journey at Frankfurt School
Part-time MBA / 12 February, 2018
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Part-time MBA Class of 2018
Mr. Najeeb Ali, Part-time MBA Class of 2018, is a Marketing & Projects Manager at Hörmann GmbH. Originally from Syria, he was recognised as an outstanding personality with a migration background by the City of Frankfurt in December 2017.

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If the crises did not destroy you, it makes you a stronger person, aware of the meaning of life and seeking more success, and that’s what I am living now. In 2015, four years after outbreak of the Syrian revolution, and due to the escalating brutality of Al-Assad regime I was -as a civilian activist- in a personal danger and was forced to leave my work and MBA study and to flee with my family like millions of Syrians.

In October 2015 we arrived to Germany as refugees, then we were granted the residency in February 2016. Immediately I started to think about my future prospects in this land, and I recognized, that building my future career in Germany isn’t as simple as I expected! In fact, in addition to the work experience and the perfect language skills, the excellent education is my pass ticket to the tough German job market! Therefore, and beside to learning the German language, I decided to start again a new MBA journey. First of all I was worried about overcoming the financial obstacles! But with a full scholarship from Frankfurt School the dream became true and I took my first big step in Germany, this scholarship was the most prominent event in my educational and professional career.

With my new classmates at the leadership camp, Stromberg, October 2016

With my new classmates at the leadership camp, Stromberg, October 2016

Programme value and Frankfurt School’s value

As soon as the classes began, I started to recognize the wide differences between the teaching styles at Frankfurt School and the institutes where I studied in Syria. For instance, in Frankfurt School we need to be well prepared before the classes with a lot of pre-reading material and case studies. In-class discussions and the group projects expanded my skills and added a lot to my knowledge. Additionally, the part-time MBA at Frankfurt School offers many valuable add-ons. For instance, the boardrooms, executive talks, career-services workshops, job fairs, and many other events which organized by the Frankfurt school, add a great value to the programme and open many doors for us.

Enjoying the ‘Change Management class’, 2017 with Prof. Patrick C. Flood

Enjoying the ‘Change Management class’, 2017 with Prof. Patrick C. Flood

Frankfurt School Support

If you are a FS student you don’t only get support as part of the group, but also individually. Programme Director Prof. Löchel, programme coordinators, and the career-service team are always keen to solve every problem and to offer the extreme support on both class and personal levels. Personally, I had the privilege to be one of Frankfurt school students when I was one of the success stories at Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of the most famous newspapers in Germany. More than that, with the support and nomination from the school I had the great honour to receive the ‘Outstanding Migrant of the Year in Frankfurt City’ prize in 2017, but the great honour was also to represent the Frankfurt School and to feel the impact of belonging to such a prestigious institute!

Professional and Cultural Diversity and the Social Life of the Part Time Programme’s Students

Celebrating our 1st anniversary of the MBA-PT programme

The candidates of the part-time MBA programme at Frankfurt School are experienced and self-motivated professionals, working in different industries like financial services, banking, business consultancy, engineering, automotive, and many others. They bring great experiences and help each other to master their existing skills and to win many new ones. For instance, working with a team of young talented consultants from Deloitte, or developing engineers from Airbus, Continental, and Opel simply changed my way of thinking.

On the social side, despite we meet each other once every month or two during the weekends’ classes, we built strong friendships and we are always keen to enjoy every moment we share in or out of the class. We are 32 students coming from 11 different countries and diverse cultures, many students are living away from Frankfurt and some of them out of Germany. However, this diversity and far distances increased the vitality of our relationships and enriched our social experiences.

With the classmates at the ‘Weihnachtsmarkt, Frankfurt’, December 2016

With the classmates at the ‘Weihnachtsmarkt, Frankfurt’, December 2016


Now, when I look back to the harsh days which I experienced in Syria and the moments when I arrived Germany, everything seems to be a dream! I saw our country being destroyed and I survived in many times of the inevitable death. I thought that I will never have a normal live again! However, I didn’t give up; I gathered myself, set my goals and struggled to make them real. Now I am proud to be one of Frankfurt School’s candidates, satisfied with my job in Munich, and happy in my personal life with my sweet small family. Things that wouldn’t be achievable without the support of Frankfurt School and the geniality of the German people! I believe that one day I will employ all of this success in rebuilding the free Syria.