FS Career Services Experience: how I got an internship at Lufthansa
Career Services / 30 July, 2018
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Master in Management Class of 2019
A polyglot and a prize winning athlete and swimmer, Laura Sophie is currently studying Master in Management at Frankfurt School. In addition to working part-time during her studies, she is class representative for her batch and ambassador for the school.

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1st year Master and what now?

After having successfully completed my first year in the Master in Management program at Frankfurt School, I decided to make use of the three month summer vacation to gain some industry experience after having spent two years in consulting. I was looking for an internship where I could consolidate my knowledge in my concentration Strategy and Organization.

My career planning process started in December, when I was searching for fields in which I wanted to increase my expertise. I had already done two internships in consulting, and was working in digital strategy consulting at the time. What I was looking for, was to gain some more industry knowledge. Passionate about airlines, I decided to start looking for jobs at Lufthansa that combined my previously acquired knowledge in innovation and digitalization with the industry challenges.

How FS Career Services helped me

My first thought was to contact the FS Career Services Team in order to get an appointment to discuss what they thought would be the best next steps. I had heard a lot of positive feedback from fellow class mates who had already been there, so I figured that I could only benefit from the visit and give it a try. After having gone through my CV and my cover letter, Career Services gave me numerous tips on how to change some formulations, for example, and where to put my focus more. For those tips, I am extremely grateful. What I moslty appreciated was the way feedback is given: they place a critial view on the documents you show them, and give you very justified recommendations on how and why to change some parts, without giving you the feeling of being inferior or whatsover. They lent me 3 books in order to prepare for the case studies and the interview itself. In fact, this session with Career Services was the kick start of my internship at Lufthansa. Both interview rounds went very well, and I got my contract a few month later. At this point, I would like to deeply thank the FS Career Services for the great job they do, the amazing advice they give and the huge commitment they put in their work. They are highly professional and very experienced, so I felt like I could trust the team immedietly with the advice I got by putting it directly into action.

The Internship at Lufthansa

So on June 1st I had my first day at Lufthansa, on which I got an extensive tour around the Lufthansa premises around the airport. I was able to participate in a guided tour around the Technik department, where we explored a freight airplane that was in the Hangar for maintenance. The engineer that was guiding us explained everything we needed to know about the freighters by showing us the cockpit, the cargo area, the belly of the MD-11 as well the features on the wings and inside the motor.


I am looking forward to experiencing many more days like this and gain knowledge in the department of innovation management.