FS Fashion Business: Getting a glimpse into the fashion industry
Student Initiatives / 23 August 2022
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MSc in Management Class of 2023
Niharinth has just finished the second semester of his studies in Management (MSc) and is part of the social media team of the Fashion Business initiative at Frankfurt School. Before joining FS he lived in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

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Fashion is a crucial value-creating industry for the global economy. If the global fashion sector were placed alongside individual countries’ GDP, it would be the world’s seventh-largest economy. FS Fashion Business is the brainchild of our students who want to tap into this industry’s wealth of knowledge.

This initiative exists to celebrate the individuals and companies who set an example every single day by revolutionising this intensely competitive industry.

Our mission is simple: organise events, workshops, case studies and networking events to get in touch with industry professionals grappling with the forces and levers affecting the fashion industry to take their organisations to new heights. There is a two-pronged benefit that we can enlist: grow your network and also get a glimpse into the complexities of the fashion industry.

A Vision of Solidarity

Students in our initiative range from all the programs at FS, both bachelor and master. This includes both our members and internal team heads who dedicate a considerable portion of their time to reach out to companies and create these opportunities for our students.

There are four main types of events that we look to specialize in:

  • Speaker Events: We are planning to invite founders, managers and experts for interactive sessions and productive discussions on the current levers that affect the fashion industry
  • Case Studies: We want to offer to work on a case study in a professional environment with experts from the industry
  • Networking: Networking and gathering contact with different stakeholders in the fashion industry through various events.
  • Field Trips: Get to know the company itself on a guided tour of the headquarters, with interesting presentations.

Highlights so far

Since our inception, we have been able to organise two successful events.

  • Collaboration with Peek & Cloppenburg: A pleasant meet & greet quickly turned into a deep dive into the current strategic outlook of the firm and a tour of the P&C Mansion at Zeil. Interactive quizzes were organised to keep the participants on their toes as they got to know how the retail business operates firsthand.
  • Unite for Ukraine: Amidst the unprecedented humanitarian crisis due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we partnered with FS Charity to provide the Ukrainian people with some assistance and support by organising a clothing donation campaign at Frankfurt School. All clothing donated was delivered to the Ukrainian coordination business centre.

A Formidable Future

After nearly two years of upheaval, the industry is beginning to find its feet again. Leading brands are equalling, and in some cases already surpassing, their pre-pandemic performance. Online business models were also a standout success story of the pandemic. In the coming years, we anticipate that businesses will continue to invest in digital innovation and experiment with new approaches to creativity and commerce.

Those that succeed will have to accept that some of the old rules simply do not apply in the new paradigm that is emerging around them. Players of all sizes and segments must now be agile, think digitally first, and achieve ever-faster speed to market. In order to realise these changes and win new generations of customers, they must take an active stance on social issues, meet consumer demands for ultra-transparency and sustainability, and, most importantly, have the courage to transform their own identity and the sources of their previous success.

Naturally, our search for value doesn’t stop at the fashion companies themselves. We fully intend to scrutinise the value chain of the Fashion Industry and try to understand some of the core issues that all fashion companies are facing. Be it fleeting consumer preferences or the global rise in raw materials costs, the companies battling it out have found shrewd ways to manoeuvre themselves and place themselves on top of the competition. We are passionate about finding out what defines greatness in this industry.

This provides us with a sublime opportunity to follow this fashion industry, as it trudges along, watching it gradually evolve and unravel in front of our eyes. So why wait? Join us now and be a part of this fascinating journey.