FS life in hybrid mode – challenges and solutions for the StuCo team
Student Initiatives / 28 April 2021
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BSc in Business Administration Class of 2024
Giulia is currently studying in the Bachelor of Business Administration programme at Frankfurt School. After her first semester at FS, she got elected as a member of the Student Council 2021/22 and is head of the Communications department.

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“All students, no matter if they are a first-year bachelor or a final-year PhD student must have a voice in the key decisions taken at Frankfurt School.”

Truthful to the words of our Co-Speaker Madhur Chadha, as this year’s new Student Council we want to carry on our key responsibility of representing the whole FS Student Body by giving all students a voice and standing up for their concerns.

Our goals and projects for 2021

Together we want to drive further improvement and growth at Frankfurt School. Our central goals focus on strengthening the FS Community Spirit, creating more transparency and benefitting each student by promoting different projects as well as hosting fun events. Working very closely with the FS Management, together we try to support student engagement in any way possible, be it through financial or organizational support for certain community events or initiatives. Especially in times of the current pandemic, a frequent exchange on important topics like corona measures taken on campus or feedback on the online teaching model, for instance, is fundamental.

Further improvements and projects

What we value the most is our FS Community Spirit, which is why we consider it to be very important to connect students across all different programs and backgrounds – not only through events but by enabling exchange, engagement and collaboration. In order to make the FS Management more accessible to the students, we plan to create short videos with FS staff introducing important and current topics and/or projects for students as well as FS. At the same time, we want to contribute to make student life at FS the most memorable time for each student by thinking of creative and fun events as well as projects. For this reason, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve each student’s experience on campus, like supporting the setup of new water fountains and improved study place opportunities.

Get to know our departments

Our team consists of 9 members from various academic programs and backgrounds:

Introducing our departments, let’s begin with the heart of our council: The Speakers. This year, Denise Reffelmann and Madhur Chadha took over the roles of the Speaker and the Co-Speaker. The Speaker and Co-Speaker are in charge of guiding and representing the StuCo. Their responsibilities range from managing all ongoing projects within the StuCo, representing the student body in different committees, organizing and leading the General Student Assemblies, as well as preparing and conducting meetings with FS management.

Our FS community spirit lives from the people that are part of it. Due to the high level of engagement and the very diverse field of students’ interests, the number of initiatives is constantly increasing. In order to support and coordinate all initiatives, Laura Selbach and Lucas Peikert took over the Initiatives department. Their tasks range from assisting students in the founding of new initiatives as well as staying connected with current initiatives heads.

Our Projects & Events department, headed by Julia Thomä and Alicia Fuchs Mateo, can also look forward to an intense and exciting workload. Through creative approaches and innovative thinking, our FS community can enjoy fun events and look forward to new projects that will enhance the overall student life at Frankfurt School even during Covid-19.

When focusing on our goal of enhancing transparency and communications, our Communications department is key. This year, Giulia Kipp joined us in her second semester of her Bachelor studies. Her tasks include making all actions of the StuCo as well as the events on campus visible to the student body, primarily via social media.

Ensuring a responsible allocation of our Student Council’s budget and managing our finances in order to benefit as many students as possible is the key responsibility of our Treasury department, which is run by Sah Ali Ayric and Stephen Oliva.

We are honored to represent our fellow students and want to leave a footprint just like our predecessors! If there is anything you want to bring to our attention, you can always contact us through any channel of your choice – whether it is in person or digitally (