FS MUN: we are ready for New York!
FS Life / 9 November, 2015
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I was very excited about the upcoming MUN Workshop in Wiesbaden. Students participating there last year told me a lot of stories about the coolness of this event – regarding the formal part, including simulation of the conference, as well as the informal, “teambuilding” part. My point is: this year we managed to outperform and had even more fun! Of course, we were working a lot during the sessions – but that was interesting, challenging, very dynamic and lively work, with heated debates between present delegations. Such events are beneficial in a lot of ways. You get to know new people, everyone with his own biography and cultural background. You additionally get yourself familiar with the current situation in the countries all over the world, which interests get represented by MUN participants. We also had an opportunity to practice our negotiation skills, trying to convince someone in our point of view and, at the same time, to walk in someone else’s shoes, in order to make an international, global decision, which (hopefully) would make all the countries happy and let them prosper.

mun 1

The organization of the Workshop was great, that is why the conference was very convincing and felt like a real one, because we did everything according to the rules required by the United Nations. It seriously felt like being true legislators, and the discussed during the sessions topics were of a high importance (Globalization, Gender Equality and Migration), which made us perceive our duties with a bigger responsibility.

mun 2

But obviously the MUN Workshop was not devoted to the work only. When the first day’s meeting was closed, we went out to celebrate Halloween and to work on our team spirit. The job of legislators is not the easiest one, that’s why they sometimes also need to rest and live their lives. This is exactly what we did. By spending a night out together we tried to find out, who is already prepared to outperform during the New York parties, after working papers have been written, resolution papers have passed and the worldwide justice has been established.

Long story short – great experience! We are now prepared to take the real challenge and looking forward to our trip to New York City!