Exploring the heart of Berlin's VC world: FS Venture Capital Trip 2023
Student Initiatives / 17 January 2024
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BSc in Business Administration Class of 2024
Simon is a BSc in Business Administration student at Frankfurt School and has been Co-Head of the Venture Capital Initiative since the summer semester of 2022.

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Frankfurt School’s Venture Capital Initiative embarked on an insightful journey to Berlin, Europe’s thriving venture capital hub. On 8 and 9 June 2023, we had the unique opportunity to dive into the world of major international venture capital firms. This expedition aimed to provide practical knowledge, firsthand experience and valuable connections to those of us aspiring to enter the venture capital sector.

8 June: Diving into the world of venture capitals

Our first day was packed with visits to some of the most prominent venture capital (VC) funds in Berlin. We started with HV, where we learned about their approach to identifying and nurturing promising startups. The insights shared were invaluable, setting a high tone for the day.

Next, at Cherry Ventures, we engaged in discussions about the dynamics of venture funding and what makes Berlin a special ecosystem for startups. The team at Cherry Ventures opened our eyes to the intricate details of successful venture investments.

Our visit to HTGF followed, where we delved deeper into the specifics of early-stage funding. The experiences shared by the HTGF team provided us with a realistic view of the challenges and triumphs in venture capital.

As we concluded the day with Earlybird, Atlantic Labs and Antler, each firm presented a unique perspective on venture capital. The diversity in their approaches was a testament to the dynamic nature of the VC world.

9 June: Understanding the nuances of venture capital

Our second day was equally enriching. We started at Burda Principles Invest, where the focus was on the impact of digital transformation in venture capital. The discussions here were eye-opening, illustrating the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving digital world. We were extremely happy to meet an FS alumnus at Burda: Vincent Rose. With great hospitality, he gave us great insights into Burda’s investment thesis and his journey as a VC investor.

Project A’s visit was a highlight, offering an interactive session on investor mindsets. The key takeaway was the importance of understanding the potential of a business and its founders.

Our trip concluded with a visit to Greenfield, where we met another FS alumnus: Georg Reichhelm, today’s Portfolio Manager at the crypto investment firm. The insights into their investment strategies and portfolio management perfectly ended our enlightening journey.

Reflections and future prospects

This trip was more than just a learning experience; it was an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and like-minded peers. The knowledge and networks we gained are invaluable assets that will undoubtedly aid us in future venture capital endeavours.

As we reflect on our journey, it’s clear that the venture capital sector is dynamic and diverse, offering endless opportunities for growth and innovation. Our experiences in Berlin have only strengthened our resolve to be part of this exciting world.

Venture capital: A path worth exploring

The venture capital sector is increasingly important in shaping the future of business and innovation. For anyone considering a career in this field, experiences like this are invaluable. We hope to see Frankfurt School’s VC-Alumni network grow, contributing significantly to the venture capital landscape.

Venture capital is not just a job; it’s a journey into the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship. It stands out as an exciting career choice due to its unique blend of analytical rigour, strategic thinking and the thrill of being at the forefront of emerging technologies and business models.

As a venture capitalist, you are in the privileged position of witnessing and nurturing the birth and growth of tomorrow’s market leaders. The role requires a deep understanding of market trends, a keen eye for identifying potential, and the courage to take calculated risks. It’s a career that offers the exhilarating experience of being part of a startup’s journey from an idea to a market-transforming reality.

Moreover, our impact extends beyond financial returns; it’s about fostering innovation and driving positive change in various industries. This blend of intellectual challenge, potential for significant impact and the ever-changing landscape of new ventures make venture capital an exceptionally rewarding and exciting career path.

For more insights and information about our programmes and initiatives, visit Frankfurt School Venture Capital on LinkedIn or reach out to the current head.