How I developed my knowledge in Microfinance
Executive Education / 26 June, 2019
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Certified Expert in Microfinance Class of 2019
Gerard Mugani obtained the Certified Expert in Microfinance in March 2019. He is the Head of Finance for GetBucks Microfinance Bank Ltd Zimbabwe, one of the leading FinTech institutions in the country, which is also part of the Mybucks Ltd group, a fast growing player across Africa, Europe and Australia. Throughout his career in the financial services sector, microfinance has undoubtedly been his area of interest with an inclination to financial technology, which is the core anchor in which his organisation rests on.

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I am an accounting professional who is currently studying the final part of ACCA Qualification and a M.Sc. in Professional Accounting from the University of London. In 2019, I enrolled in Certified Expert in Microfinance (CEMF) offered by Frankfurt School Development Finance e-Campus, to further develop my knowledge of Micro finance, as I knew this would help facilitate my aspirations to improve the livelihood of the poor.

Hard Work pays

As the head of finance, I lead a team of young energetic professionals who look up to me on a daily basis. Thus as part of the pioneering team for the Microfinance within the organization, I had to ensure that I led by example. Tasked with this, I knew this meant putting in extra hours to study and utilizing the quietest hours of the night.

Naturally, I apply a practical approach to viewing aspects of life and various areas of study, thus throughout the course, I applied logic which allowed me to enhance my understanding of the course content. In addition to practicality, I employed a thorough revision approach to studying. I routinely  reviewed  the questions and answers  to check for accurate comprehension. The statement “Repetition strengthens the bones of memory”, which I learnt from my previous teachers in high school, underpinned this.

Striking a balance between studying and family life seemed like a mammoth of a task and at some point in time, I felt as though the 24 hours in a day were inadequate. On the home front, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a supportive network. I made it a point to explain to my family what achieving the CEMF meant for my professional career and for me personally.  As a father, my daughter is my biggest motivator. As young as she is, she was always eager to learn   what it was that I was studying. Now, you cannot lie to your daughter, so this meant I had to make sure that I grasped the concepts without reservation.

Practical knowledge delivered

CEMF has added positively towards my professional career Microfinance has evolved over the years and the advent of technology has seen a shift in the delivery of financial services. The course has equipped me with an enhanced understanding of the entire loan process and delivery of various loan products in a much more efficient manner.

The course has also brought into perspective how social performance contributes to both business and financial performance, thus shedding new light on the concept of the double bottom line.

CEMF has added positively towards my professional career and an enhanced understanding in line with movements in global trends.  Working for a large organization, which has several interests world over, the course has seen me sitting in important meetings that focus on business development. I have also become a source of advice to peers within the organization who are also interested with studying with Frankfurt School.

Set yourself goals!

Personally, the CEMF has boosted my confidence. As a community leader and adviser, I always refer to how, despite a hectic schedule, trying to balance family, work, fitness and social life,  as long as one sets a goal, they can always achieve it if they set their mind to it.

I would like to say that with proper dedication you can do it. One of the greatest challenges in studying any qualification is getting started, but once you get started and become fully focused, you can achieve astonishing results.