How does FS stand out?
Career Services / 31 January, 2018
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Master of Finance Class of 2019
Zlatan is a Master of Finance Class of 2019 student who represents Frankfurt School as an ambassador.

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Starting a new master’s programme is always a mixed experience. After the first few weeks, we all start looking at whether we made the right choice. So in this blog post, I will share some of the aspects of Frankfurt School that really stand out to me.

The academic staff is the most valuable asset of any university. The quality of education that you can attain depends on what is being delivered. At Frankfurt School, the professors deliver the basics for all the subjects they teach, and then they go further. As students have to research subjects themselves, they gain the practical skills necessary for their future careers. In some subjects, this means analyzing companies’ financial statements from top to bottom. In others, this means creating programs to simulate real-world scenarios. What sets Frankfurt School apart is that the professors themselves spent many years in their fields and are able to point out the finesses of the cases they present. This makes the lectures fascinating but also challenging as students are also expected to put in the extra effort to set themselves apart from the competition.

Another noticeable trait of Frankfurt School is that it is constantly trying to improve itself. Students’ constructive criticism is always welcomed by academic and administrative staff when it comes to how the university can be made better for future generations.

The one area, however, where I think Frankfurt School stands apart most of all is in its attempts to prepare students for their future careers. Careers Services is there to help with drafting a coherent resume, interview tips and a general explanation of what employers are looking for. Speeches by industry leaders take place regularly and various events provide valuable networking opportunities.

My one piece of advice for future master’s students would be to think of it as an investment of effort more than anything else. You will only reap as much benefit as the sacrifice you are willing to put in.