How my MBA shaped my career transition
Part-time MBA / 5 August, 2020
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Part-time MBA Class of 2020
David is Head of Finance & Legal at Wunder Mobility. David is currently studying in the Part-time MBA programme at Frankfurt School.

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Having worked in the financial industry for 7 years and, most recently, 3.5 years as a Corporate Client Advisor in the banking industry, my professional and academic education has been exclusively directed at Finance & Economics. My career path was marked by a company with over 175 years of business activity, with a strong regional focus, and a predefined organizational profile.

From a corporate bank to a mobility tech start-up

In 2018, I realized that the Part-Time MBA at Frankfurt School was an excellent opportunity for further professional development, offering the chance to interact with students from all over the world – across different industries. This diversity has positively influenced me from the start of the programme in September 2018, by inspiring a career change during the programme in spring 2019. The intensity of the MBA programme and the international class have encouraged me to transition into the start-up environment. Consequently, I looked for a position within Finance and ended up accepting the role of Senior Finance Associate at Wunder Mobility, my current employer since September 2019. My area of responsibility covered all major financial issues (i.e. Cash Management, Commercial Law and Investor Reporting) within our young organization and I reported to the VP of Finance.

Our mission at Wunder is to develop software to create opportunities for shared mobility and massively change the future of transportation. The goal is to change the perspective of ownership of cars and rather focus on shared mobility solutions in urban transport. After 6 months, I was promoted to Head of Finance & Legal, which includes personnel responsibility. I see this timely promotion as a unique selling point in start-up environments. One of Wunder’s company values is entrepreneurship, a characteristic I identify with,which offers me many opportunities for advancement. Being able to share the knowledge, used to drive strategic decisions for the company’s direction, as well as the opportunity to lead a team to success, is what drives me every day.

How the programme benefits my career

The Part-Time MBA has given me a good overview of all essential management topics, and has helped strengthen my managerial skills. Courses such as Leadership and Corporate Finance helped me foster skills needed to lead a team and effectively communicate at the management level. The many case studies we worked on in the most diverse group constellations were always practice-oriented and enabled me to quickly familiarize myself with new environments and unforeseen strategic challenges that continually arise in a start-up.

Why Hamburg?

The industrial area of Hamburg offers many exciting career opportunities, which, in my opinion, mean a higher probability of success for your own career with an MBA programme. The Hamburg campus is located 300 meters from my workplace in Hamburg’s HafenCity. An excellent infrastructure and rooms with a view of the harbor make the study location very attractive for me.

Especially the networking opportunities offered through the programme influenced my positive evaluation of the last two years. I’ve made lifelong connections,which offer a basis for support, considering the distance and our different career plans. In a global world that interacts economically more than ever before, I consider the topics taught in the MBA and the personal exchange, to be the most essential experience of my career so far. The possibility of frequenting two study locations, combined with the high flexibility in terms of course selection, networking events, and the high quality of the professors, who bring a lot of practical experience from their respective management areas, are arguments for me to recommend the Part-Time MBA Programme.