Inside the prestigious NMUN Conference: FS delegation's exhilarating journey
FS MUN / 11 May 2023
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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Class of 2025
Yelyzaveta is a 4th-semester Bachelor in Business Administration student focusing on Marketing. She is currently one of the heads of FS Model United Nations and engages in politics in her free time.

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The Frankfurt School Model United Nations (FS MUN) delegation of 2023 has recently concluded an exhilarating week at the National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference held in the vibrant city of New York. Representing Frankfurt School at such a prestigious conference, which welcomes approximately 1500 delegates from every corner of the globe, is undeniably a privilege. This conference is highly competitive and demands extensive preparation and dedication.

Here, I would like to give you an insider’s perspective on our remarkable journey at NMUN, encompassing the committee sessions in which we were involved, the captivating topics we delved into and the awe-inspiring experience of attending the closing ceremony at the iconic United Nations headquarters in New York City.

Honourable delegations: the United States of America and the Duchy of Luxembourg

Upon arrival at NMUN, our delegation was distributed into several committees, where we represented both the United States of America and The Duchy of Luxembourg. Each committee was entrusted with addressing a myriad of pressing global challenges. These committees were designed to closely emulate the actual workings of the UN, with delegates engaging in passionate debates, intense negotiations and drafting resolutions aimed at resolving the issues presented.

The committee sessions were demanding, requiring vast amounts of effort, meticulous research and strategic thinking. We participated in formal sessions, during which delegates delivered excellent speeches, engaged in insightful discussions on draft resolutions and amended proposals to strengthen their potential impact. Additionally, we immersed ourselves in informal sessions, fostering deeper negotiations, collaborative problem-solving and invaluable networking opportunities.

Engaging in global discussions

The conference presented an extensive array of thought-provoking topics that encompassed a wide spectrum of global issues. Inspired by real-world agendas, we discussed subjects such as climate change, disarmament, human rights and sustainable development. These important topics served as the catalyst for engaging, stimulating conversations among delegates from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

As we navigated these issues, we were encouraged to think critically and creatively, exploring innovative ideas and embracing collaborative problem-solving. Our collective goal was to devise comprehensive solutions that fostered international cooperation, bridged political divides and catered to the needs of all stakeholders involved.

Through our involvement in committees such as the United Nations Environment Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the Security Council and many others, we were able to tackle a broad range of pressing concerns. This vast exposure to various aspects of global diplomacy provided us with a unique opportunity to deepen our understanding of the complexities involved in resolving real-world challenges.

FS Spirit in New York

Throughout the entirety of the conference, we proudly represented the FS Spirit, showcasing our resilience, determination and unwavering commitment to teamwork, even when confronted with intricate challenges and strict deadlines. Our tireless efforts were rewarded as we proudly received the Honorable Delegation Award and a Distinguished Delegation Award for the two countries we represented in recognition of our outstanding research, public speaking and negotiation skills.

The NMUN’s closing ceremony was an unforgettable and truly unique experience, as we were granted the exceptional privilege of being invited to the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Standing within the hallowed halls of the General Assembly, we were overcome with a profound sense of accomplishment and pride. We were honoured to listen to distinguished speakers who praised our achievements and urged us to continue striving to make a positive impact on the world.

Reflecting on the past 2 weeks

This year’s conference has proven to be a transformative experience for each member of our delegation, offering invaluable insights into the intricate world of international diplomacy while fostering both personal and professional growth. As students of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, we were honoured to represent our institution on this global platform and contribute to the collective effort to address the world’s most pressing issues. Returning home, we are filled with inspiration, motivation and a desire to integrate the lessons learned from NMUN into our academic pursuits and future endeavours.

I would like to express our profound gratitude to Frankfurt School for its unwavering support and for presenting us with this life-altering opportunity, which has been instrumental in our success at NMUN. Here’s to continued success and the creation of countless unforgettable memories in the years to come!