Integrating my knowledge and skills into the MBA in International Healthcare
MBA International Healthcare Management / 21 January 2022
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MBA International Healthcare Management Class of 2022
Dr. Ahmed is a Medical Director of the King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia. He holds a subspecialty as a surgeon in hip, knee arthroplasty, and lower extremity reconstruction surgery in Saudi Arabia.

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After my fellowship in Canada, I returned to practice in Saudi Arabia in the King Salman Armed Forces Hospital as an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee arthroplasty surgery and lower extremity reconstruction. I started to take over some administrative positions and joined the management team. One thing I noticed was that evidence-based practice in administrative practice would benefit me in my managerial position. Having the goal in mind, I started attending some managerial webinars and short-term administrative workshops. However, deep down I always knew I needed a degree programme in which I can not only attain sufficient knowledge but also extend my networks.

After some thoughts and seminars, I started my journey of looking for a distinguished MBA programme to cover all the missing aspects in my mind. I wanted a multicultural and diverse MBA to accomplish my future improvement projects and help me understand the wide hospital administrative process and departments connections. I got into contact with one of my closest friends, who is in the final year of his MBA, and after months of searching and going through numerous websites and comparing among universities, I finally decided on the MBA in International Healthcare Management programme in Frankfurt. I knew that this was the programme I was looking for, and which was going to make the most of what I wanted to know and master during my administrative carrier.

How am I applying what I learned in my job?

Being a student in the MBA in International Healthcare Management has helped me open the doors to excellent knowledge and skills, especially in creating opportunities and initiating projects that will improve the patient outcome in different prospective as well as many hospitals department’s processes.

During the MBA, I have also enjoyed insightful executive talks and guest lectures. I like that the speakers are distinguished persons in their life and career, and that they added many positive and unique values to the attendee as a reflection of what they accomplished in their career. They inspired and motivated me to continue improving my performance in my job.

Innovation, Strategy & Project Management

All the modules that I have taken until now had been great. Each one adds unique knowledge and administrative skills, but so far my favourite one has been the 4th module. Frankfurt School, in cooperation with John Hopkins Carey Business School, deliver this module that focuses on the introduction to innovation management, analysing, real examples on the market entry of innovative healthcare products and services.

What caught my attention in this module was the outstanding innovative part exposure and the utilization process in such a field and how it makes a big difference in the outcome process of the patients and hospitals.

My 3 challenges

  1. Time management during the module to get the balance between attending the lectures, with a focused and clear mind, and working on the team assignment.
  2. Find the right balance between modules pre-assignment and post-assignment execution to be done on time with high quality.
  3. Different teams’ allocation with every module and different colleagues’ communication strategy process.