International MBA Marathon Training
Student Initiatives / 16 July 2020
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Full-time MBA Class of 2020
Katja is currently pursuing her MBA at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. She has a background in business administration and engineering and previously worked as a project manager in research & development at Daimler AG. She is very passionate about learning and personal development.

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The idea

In January, we returned to our MBA lectures at Frankfurt School. After the first lecture my fellow student Courtney and me went to the FS gym and worked out together. While talking about the past Christmas break and our plans for the next months we suddenly came up with the idea of running a marathon together in 2020. The crazy idea was born, we were very enthusiastic and directly started our training. After classes we went running nearby our school and even the dark and cold could not stop us. At the weekend we did long runs at the Main river.A few days later we both registered for the Hamburg marathon and since then there was no way back.

Getting professional

Over time we got more and more professional. We bought new running shoes as well as more functional wear. We installed apps to track our pace and distance as well as bought books to learn more about running. Additionally, we started kinesio taping for support and injury prevention.

Our international supporters

Although Courtney and me were the only runners who registered for Hamburg marathon we had a great support team and many fellow runners: Hazel from Mexico and her dog Chai (definitely our best running buddy), Sanchay and Pallabi from India, Tim from Germany, George from Greece, Fernando from Dominican Republic, Juliana from Columbia as well as our study advisor Tidarat from Thailand. Tidarat encouraged us to ask Frankfurt School Student Services for support. We were really happy when they confirmed that they would give us running shirts and we were proud that we could represent Frankfurt School in Hamburg.

The challenges

Training for a marathon can be very challenging, exhausting as well as frustrating. Sometimes you could not tell anymore whether the wet in your face was rain, sweat or tears. Moreover, marathon training is very time-consuming and we still had to prepare our lectures, perform in group works and learn for exams. I was listening to voice memos with exam knowledge while running which has been very helpful for my exam grades but probably did not make me run faster.

My highlight

In February, I had my personal running highlights. During our trainings I ran two half marathons, once 20km and one week later 24km. I was really happy that all the training already paid off. By now, I was really passionate about running and we had so much fun.

Corona and a new hobby

Due to the corona pandemic we had to stop our common training sessions and the marathon event in April was cancelled. Courtney flew back to the United States. Unfortunately, we cancelled our marathon aspirations for 2020 but it is still on our bucket list. Following the social distancing rules we kept training individually. For me running definitely became one of my favorite sports and was a great balance with regard to the lock down.

I would like to thank Frankfurt School Student Services and all our fellow runners for their support! I am looking forward to run with you again!

Disclaimer: We do not recommend training only a few months before a marathon. We were healthy and in very good physical conditon. Our goal was accomplishing the marathon overall without having a best time in mind.