Introducing FS MUN and the National Model United Nations Conference
FS MUN / 1 August 2023
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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Class of 2024
Nick is a 6th-semester Bachelor in Business Administration student focusing on International Management. For two consecutive years, he was head of FS Model United Nations. He also completed a study abroad programme for 2 semesters in Australia and the US and plans to move to Australia post-graduation.

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“Frankfurt School goes to NMUN New York”. If this sparks your interest, but you have no idea what the abbreviation “NMUN” stands for or what it is, then let me explain. NMUN, or National Model United Nations Conference, is one of the largest Model United Nations conferences worldwide. Two conferences are held in New York City every year, with more than 3,000 students attending either conference A or B.

But what is Model United Nations? In simple terms, it is a role-play of the actual United Nations. As a university representative, you apply to represent a country of your choosing, except for the home country of your university. Then you try to achieve their interests in various committees on different topics. Therefore, NMUN is an excellent opportunity to learn about other countries and their stance on various diplomatic issues and how to work with students from all over the world. Now your next question might be, “Okay, how do I get in?”.

How to join the initiative

Getting into FS Model United Nations is easy; send us an email via our website or visit our stand at the community life fair, sign up for our WhatsApp group and that’s it! You’re now a member of FS MUN. If you want to join us in New York, we invite you to participate in our Workshop Weekend. This will take place in October at FS, giving you time to consider the commitment to going to New York.

During the Workshop Weekend, you will be assigned a country, just as you would during the actual conference, and then we will hold a mock conference. On the one hand, this allows you to learn what MUN is, as no prior knowledge is required to participate (we will explain everything you need to know before the mock conference starts). On the other hand, it allows the heads of FS MUN to get to know you. We will take notes during the Workshop Weekend on how much dedication and commitment you show us, how good your research was and how you interact with others. After the Workshop Weekend is over, you will have the opportunity to apply to be part of next year’s 2023/2024 NMUN delegation.

How to secure a spot for the NMUN conference in New York City

Once the deadline is over, the heads of FS MUN will take some time to discuss and sort out the applicants. They will then inform you whether you made the final delegation list, are being put on the waitlist, or are not offered a spot. For the past two years, we were able to take 38 delegates plus the 4 heads of FS MUN to New York, making us one of the biggest delegations present at the conference. But we also receive about 2.5 times the number of applications for New York than the number of delegates we can take. So, keep this in mind and show us your commitment during the Workshop Weekend. If you’re one of the lucky applicants and make it into the final delegation list, then the real work begins.

After receiving our country assignment, we will pair you with another delegate and allocate you to a committee that we see fit. We will then have several workshops on the respective country we represent, how to write a position paper, what research you need to do and how to write a draft resolution, which you will do during the conference. There will be a public speaking workshop and much more, which you can look forward to and which will prepare you for everything you will need in New York.

Even if you’re not part of this year’s delegation, we will offer to participate in nearly every workshop and allow you to participate in other conferences, such as MainMUN at the Goethe University or ZUMUN, which is organised by the ETH in Zurich.

Looking forward to seeing many new faces at the FS MUN stand at the next Community Life Fair in September!