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It’s all about People. Presenting the FS Alumni Management

August 22, 2017
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Anna and I are the current FS Alumni Management Team (Elisa being on maternity leave at the moment). Our aim is to strengthen ties between the Frankfurt School community and its alumni.

How do we do that? Read below.

Daily routine? Not in our office.

Besides organizing FS Alumni & Friends Events in Germany and worldwide to continuously grow and tighten the FS community, we offer special FS Alumni and career development events like the M&A modelling workshop and the Ladies First series.

We present all kind of alumni career paths and let alumni tell their story in our alumni portraits – these profiles could encourage a prospective student to study at FS or inspire new graduates to make a decision about their career choice.

Giving back can be great for one´s professional development, too. We encourage FS Alumni to get involved in Frankfurt School development by acting as an alumni speaker, by acting as an observer at assessment centers, by speaking at alumni events or by becoming a donor, e.g. for the Deutschlandstipendium. By inviting alumni to come back to FS as an employer with FS Career Day and FS Start-up night, we provide access to the FS talent pool.

Staying connected!


Our alumni keep in touch via various platforms such as the Alumni Directory or our FS Alumni Xing and LinkedIn groups. Just recently, we launched our new service, the lifelong FS Alumni e-mail address. We keep the FS Alumni & Friends community updated with an informative and diversified FS Alumni & Friends newsletter three times a year.

Last but not least, we connect current FS students with FS alumni, offering a special mentoring programme and giving assistance and advice to students wishing to get in touch with alumni for various reasons such as a semester abroad or an internship.

Any questions? Please step by at our offices or get in touch!



Join our FS Alumni group at Xing or LinkedIn and have a look at our FS Alumni Directory

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