Life after grad: One more module please?
MBA in International Healthcare Management / 11 September, 2017
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IHM Class of 2017
Iman Khaled Kamaleldin Abdelaziz who has graduated in May 2017 is an HR & Career Development Specialist at Egypt Cancer Network. She has a background in Clinical Research from healthcare & pharmaceutical (market research) perspectives, and has a deep knowledge, passion, and application in Learning & development. She believes research, and L&D are the fuel of moving forward, and by all means this is what every single person needs in his/her career, that is why she chose to study MBA - International Healthcare Management.

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It’s over. Every few days I calm the adrenaline rush of booking tickets, visa, hotels, module subjects and catching the hot spots of the next destination! It IS really over, and I can’t just accept that!

The MBA in International Healthcare Management was a life target that I had on my bucket list 2 years after graduation, applied then but was asked to fulfil my requirements then applied again to receive my wonderful awaited email of acceptance on 2015.

Our batch was amazing, we were by all means the definition of an international group. Each person had his own story that was truly interesting and would add so much to the other. Most of us became best friends. We are even in contact now, as if we didn’t have gaps of time. As if we are backbones although truly the days we spent together weren’t that much, but they were truly days to remember; whether from a different learning experience in my own perspective or the exquisite group of people we had the wonderful chance to meet from all over the world.

The amazing thing about the programme is that we studied an MBA not only in parallel with the several healthcare systems, but through the eyes of our different colleagues sharing and reflecting their experiences in their own country within the subjects. So you find that you know the healthcare systems mostly everywhere by the end of the MBA. Not to mention the connections or may I say the close friendships you have in different countries.

I was honoured a couple of weeks ago, when I was invited to attend a strategy lecture that was held to heads of departments in a hospital at which I found out that I already know each and every word of materials taught to people of much higher experience than I am, and had the hidden urge to actually discuss and state examples in other countries.

It is a life changing experience. Because of this programme I have many ideas that I believe will add so much to the place I am working in and to my country, and now I have the tools to implement them which was the reason I really wanted to join the programme from the beginning.

Having had those rushing adrenaline moments, missing the whole atmosphere, professors, and my friends, will you just spare us one more module? But will it ever be enough though?