What is the only mammal with four knees? MIB @ Pub Quiz!
FS Life / 12 June, 2015
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Master of International Business '16

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Where did we, the MIB class of 2016, go a couple Fridays ago? We went…

  • A. … to the popular Pub Quiz at the Irish Bar in the Bornheim area.
  • B. … to the zoo.
  • C. … to the stadium.
  • D. …to Nairobi.

Tricky question, right? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t the zoo or the stadium. And whoever chose Africa in their MIB regional specialization won’t go to Nairobi for another four months. Correct, we went to the Pub Quiz.

We are now used to tests, quizzes, papers, presentations and exams, but rarely have we been asked by our professors to guess which mammal has four knees. “Four knees? Is that like Six Sigma? 

Before starting the quiz we needed energy. It would have been impossible to handle a cold beer, a hot burger and tough questions all at the same time. We are MIB students, yes, but that would have overwhelmed even us!  After the refreshment we were ready.

To participate at the Pub Quiz we had to split into three teams and so we sat at the rustic tables of the Irish Pub on Berger Straße, one of Frankfurt’s hotspots, waiting for the first questions to surprise us. From time to time we tried to catch a glimpse of our competitors. Are they nervous? How prepared are they?

The best thing about the MIB students is their broad and diverse background. At the first question “What is the main component of crab shells?”, Diba, who studied Biochemistry in Australia before coming to Germany, whispered “Chitin” and wrote it on the answer sheet! The next question was the mammal that had four knees. We guessed (and were right). We did pretty well in the category animal life. The next categories would be sports, geography, arts and general knowledge. Due to our diverse academic backgrounds we had an expert for every category. Or better, nearly every category, because despite most boys announcing their expertise in sports beforehand,nobody knew the answers to the sports questions.

We saw our classmates sweating over some questions. Just like in the exams. Why did we eat that burger? I feel so full!  And after each category the staff would read the correct answers out loud. Most participants, impulsively, responded with a jubilant yeees! an enlightened ahhhhh! or a regretful ooooh!

This choral of the participants constituted the overture for the last round: Music Quiz. In ten seconds we had to guess the name and interpreter of all kind of songs. Difficult for us, the generation born in the late 80s or early 90s, to guess songs from the 70s.

Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and we want to do that again! Maybe with the next intake!

Thank you for an awesome time with you at the Irish Pub, my classmates and friends. MIB rocks!


p.s: The answer to the opening question is: Elephants. Elephants are apparently the only mammals with four knees…