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Career Services / 18 October, 2019
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Master of Finance Class of 2018
Jan completed his bachelor’s in business administration at the University of Bamberg. He then spezialised in Finance at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management to complete the Master of Finance in 2018. Now, he is working in management consulting for the 4C GROUP.

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Early on I was somewhat obsessed with planning, structuring and optimizing my day to day activities. Obviously, I was made for a career in management or so were my naive thoughts. Therefore I started my first steps into my future with a special interest in management topics. I finished school and enrolled for a bachelor in business administration. But for some reason CEO was not an entry-level position. My first working student position made me realize that there is a little bit more to a real job than what university told me.

From now on I tried to get as much experience as possible to answer two questions and maybe these questions are familiar to you, too. First “In which area and where do I want to start my career?” and second, the more important question, “In which area do I not want to work in?”. And for these questions I wanted to find answers.

My Journey from the Frankfurt School to Consultant at 4C

On my business journey I made my first experiences especially through working student positions in different departments and in various companies. Through all these experiences I learned more about companies and how they work together. For me it became apparent that change often is difficult to achieve from inside of a company.

That insight was crucial for my decision to go into consulting. Therefore I joined 4C GROUP for the first time as a working student during my master of finance at Frankfurt School. During this important experience my favorite part of consulting was already that you don’t have a day to day routine but go to different places and work with different people everyday. For me working in such a project orientated environment means having the opportunity to learn how to tackle different tasks in various situations. In my opinion the best part is to help find the best solution for the client, by planning, structuring and optimizing the problem at hand.

After finishing my studies at Frankfurt School in 2018, I started management consulting at 4C GROUP in January this year. My first project started on the second day. I felt being part of the team right away and starting in my very first project I got a lot of support from everyone around me. Everyday I learn a lot from my colleagues as well as from the client. Together with my colleagues I take on challenges and support clients in managing the CFO office.

What is so special about 4C GROUP is that you are able to take on responsibilities from day one and that you are working on projects that help the client move forward. The success for our clients are also our success. The 4C culture is reflected in our analogy about the business rallye in the rallye-race. Our client is steering, and we are the co-pilot navigating them to success. We go the distance together. To be able to perform every day we offer a wide range of trainings. Besides our soft skill trainings with an external coach for presenting, interviewing as well as moderation for all new entries there are around ten to twelve internal trainings every year.

Get more information from me at the FS Career Fair this year. I am looking forward to it.