MBA Career Development Programme: 3 pillars for personal growth and career advancement
Career Services / 25 July, 2017
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Senior Career Counsellor
Rosa is Senior Career Counsellor at Frankfurt School and has more than 9 years of international experience across different industries, including Automotive, Pharma, International Trade and Education. Her diverse functional expertise ranges from Controlling to Career Counselling, Intercultural Training, Event and Programme Management.

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The Frankfurt School Career Services offer a variety of services to support our students throughout their study programme and beyond. Our motto “We focus on careers” is imbibed in everything we do. Our students have the opportunity to gain a new perspective through individual career counselling and many career events, such as the FS Career Day and FS Start-up Night.

In addition to the regular services we offer a customised Career Development Programme to our MBA students to help them achieve career success.

We provide individual customised guidance for your application process and support you every step of the way. Building bridges between you and your future employer is one of our aims. How will you benefit the most from the various services on offer?

  1. By actively participating in as many workshops, trainings and corporate events as possible
  2. By pro-actively approaching Career Services Team for any questions related to career matters
  3. By keeping Career Services updated about your job search and application process so that we can guide you throughout the process
  4. By sharing career and application insights with your MBA classmates to get different views and options
  5. And most importantly by

Networking – one of the keys to your MBA success story

During the course of your MBA studies you will have various opportunities to meet Industry Experts, HR Managers, Recruiters, FS Faculty Members and FS Alumni as well as classmates with various academic and professional backgrounds. The more you interact with all of them the more you will learn about opportunities that may not have crossed your mind before. Building a professional network takes time and it is good to start working on it as early as possible. However, it is not just about building a new network in Germany, but also about using your old network in your home country. Find out more about networking techniques in our workshops and career counselling sessions.

When theory meets business – the Frankfurt School MBA style

Your studies at Frankfurt School prepare you for many different career paths and give you the tools to think out of the box. The MBA career options are as diverse as the class profile and you may find yourself in an interesting job or industry that you may not have considered before.

Leaving the classroom and getting some hands-on experience is part of the MBA. Find out where deals take place and decisions are made. This way you will gain many new insights and you will learn to analyse your skills and competencies from a different view point.

Go on a company visit with Frankfurt School – it will change your business mindset

Now you might ask yourself why I should visit a company, especially if it does not seem to fit into my career plan. It is because we want to show you different business cultures and career paths. This way you will be able to find out what really matters to you. Each company has its own history leading to their philosophy and culture. Ultimately the recruiting process is as much about finding a skills match for the position as well as finding a cultural fit.

Needless to say that even though you may not have applied for a job at the company we will visit, you might come across interesting career opportunities while meeting representatives of the firm. Using your personal connection and detailed knowledge about the company is always beneficial and could open doors in the future.

MBA students meet business – behind the scenes of Lufthansa Cargo

To give you an idea about what to expect from a company visit, let me just give you a quick recap of the last field trip to Lufthansa Cargo including their Logistics Center (LCC) organised by Frankfurt School Career Services for the MBA Class of 2017.

Frankfurt airport is a logistics hub and the LCC is particularly busy around weekends when most goods are transported. To ensure smooth flight operations Lufthansa Cargo employs around 400 pilots for their cargo planes. During the field trip the MBA students gained interesting insights into the cargo business, supply chain management and got to know many different perspectives of the company’s operations. Thanks to the company guide who has been with Lufthansa Cargo for more than 40 years the students had the chance to benefit from his experience as well as his expertise.

This is what we call business in action and our MBA students were part of it. The students had the opportunity to board a cargo plane that was about to be loaded for a flight to China. It was a truly unique experience to visit the freight deck and to see how many processes have to be followed in order to ensure a safe and fuel saving transportation of the goods.

Towards the end of the field trip the students visited the LCC, a warehouse where goods are stored to be transported to their next destination. Logistics at its best – our students were impressed by how much coordination and management is needed so that the cargo business runs smoothly every day. It was particularly interesting for students who had no previous experience in logistics because it helped them to connect the dots to the theory they learned in class.

A field is as inspiring as you make it by asking relevant questions.